Yom Kippur

We had such a great week so far.

On Monday, we celebrated Reba’s birthday, and enjoyed the special treats!

In Science, Ms. Amanda had another great project for the children involving semi-precious stones and a color matching game. She then created a gem mining activity that the students still talk about, and she let them keep their finds!

After continuing the Mouse Paint book and theme, we painted using two colors to make a third color, and used different methods to achieve this (markers with water spray bottles, paint on paper, Q-tip painting and crayon blending). They also learned that mixing all three primary colors creates brown.





IMG_0516  IMG_0518 IMG_0515 IMG_0514

In Jewish Studies, Morah Rachel taught the children more about Yom Kippur, we learned about Taschlich and threw our bad things into the pond, and we have begun some Sukkot art projects involving clay fruits for our art gallery. They loved discussing the shapes of fruits, drawing, and then sculpting, as children are naturally creative!

We thoroughly enjoyed P.E. on Tuesday, especially since the rain has kept us mostly indoors. Coach Amanda had a wonderfully aerobic day planned for us.

Even though it’s noon dismissal this Friday, we will still observe Shabbat, and have Tavi and Logan as the Ema and Aba:) Please feel free to come celebrate with your children at 10:00. Anna is the Show and Tell person.

Please consider giving Tzedakah this Friday in honor of the memory of Esther Ohayon, a beloved teacher, during her Yahrzeit.


Important dates:

October 3- Erev Yom Kipper- Noon Dismissal. Kid’s Club available with a reservation

October 8- Erev Sukkot- Noon Dismissal- Kid’s Club available with a reservation

October 9-10: Sukkot- Preschool Closed

Monday, October 13 at 9:00- Sukkah Hop. VPK students will be driven around the neighborhood by parent volunteers to 3-5 homes to visit their Sukkot. Snacks will be served and the children will even get to see the Etrog tree. If you are interested in being a volunteer driver, please stop by the preschool office on or before Monday, October 6 and bring a copy of your driver’s license and insurance card. All drivers need to have a background check.

If you are unable to attend or drive, please label your child’s car seat/booster seat and bring it in to the office on the 13th so they can be installed into the driver’s car. Thank you! Please call the office with any questions or concerns.

October 15- Simchat Torah Celebration (10 AM) and Preschool Noon Dismissal- Kids Club available with a reservation

October 16-17- No School- Simchat Torah

Thursday, November 13th at 10:30-Publix field trip!- Looking for parent drivers. More info to follow.

Ms. Silvia and Ms. Robin:)