Wonderful week 2!

Tzeeporim students are diligent, happy and brilliant! We have a very compassionate and helpful crew this year. They should be so proud of how quickly they are learning so many skills. There still is plenty of time in our day to just be a kid, though:)

We have begun our Pond theme and have been reading stories and creating art based on pond animals and environment. Our literacy activities include adding our new words from the theme to our word wall, incorporating them into music and movement, and making predictions in books based on the illustrations. Check the take home folder daily for additional fun activities and songs related to each theme:)

This week’s Shabbat Ema and Aba are Tavi and Barrett. All are welcome to join our Shabbat celebration any day! We begin the parade from the classroom right at 10:00. This week’s Show and Tell person is Logan. That means that on Fridays, the selected student can bring something to share and tell a story about- (please nothing valuable):) This can be a photo, a game, a toy, or something from a trip, etc.

Note that we will be sending home the ASQs for each child: this is the Ages and Stages Questionnaire to be completed by you at home. Please do not worry if your child is not exactly right on the prescribed target of development, as this is just a way for us to determine entry level knowledge. We will work hard to guide your children in any area where they might need additional practice:) So far, the basic assessing that we have done (color and shape recognition, counting and name writing) has been great for gaining a beginning point for 4 year-olds. Here is additional information about the ASQ, if you are interested. http://www.asqoregon.com/whatisasq.php

Important dates:

Tomorrow is Back to School night for parents only. Come and enjoy socializing with other parents, learning more about the PTA, the synagogue, and your child’s activities! There will be the opportunity to sign up to volunteer for various roles, too. Thank you in advance! Your support makes the school year run smoothly.

No school on September 1- Labor Day.

Enjoy the pictures from this week,

Ms. Silvia and Ms. Robin


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