Winter Wonderland

Dear families:

Here are some pictures from last week:)


It’s not everyday that students bring their mom for show and tell! This was fun:)IMG_0981 IMG_0984 IMG_0987 IMG_0993 IMG_0994

Andrewsha’s mom was our Mystery Reader last week and the children loved hearing some familiar Eric Carle stories in Russian! Thanks to all!

IMG_0955 IMG_0959 IMG_0962

Our short week has been a blast!

Our book of the week is If You Take a Mouse to School. The mouse has an adventurous day, including getting into the child’s lunchbox. We used the opportunity to let each student show the class the contents of their lunchbox, and point out the healthiest items. Then they declared their favorite food item that they would not want the mouse to eat. We also learned that a mouse is a rodent. We had a visit from Chippy Millrood– Anna’s mouse puppet- that tried to eat the students’ pasta snack.

IMG_1032 IMG_1033 IMG_1035 IMG_1037 IMG_1038 IMG_1039 IMG_1040 IMG_1041

We enjoyed a very physical Tuesday with P.E. and then the Winter Wonderland experience. The children LOVED it: Ms. Amanda set up the balance beam and hoops, then she takes them through a calming down breathing technique.

The wintery room was set up with hundreds of cotton balls as snow, ice painting, a snowman and winter-themed objects suspended in ice. Many of you have seen the great pictures on Flickr; here are some more:)

IMG_0996 IMG_1002 IMG_1004 IMG_1008 IMG_1009 IMG_1011 IMG_1014 IMG_1015 IMG_1016 IMG_1017 IMG_1018 IMG_1019 IMG_1020 IMG_1024 IMG_1026 IMG_1027

IMG_1043 IMG_1044 IMG_1051 IMG_1052 IMG_1053 IMG_1054 IMG_1056

Those of us who stay in the afternoons get to visit with Rabbi Tilman on Tuesdays. The students learn  Hebrew letters, hear Jewish storytelling and other fun he has to share with the class. This week, he taught us sheleg, the Hebrew word for snow, as well as some animal words, and talked about Tu’B Shevat.

IMG_1063 IMG_1065


On Wednesday, we enjoyed another chance to play in the winter wonderland room, where the children acted like snow angels. Then, we learned more about Tu’B Shevat in Jewish Studies.

IMG_1083 IMG_1078 IMG_1086

IMG_1077 IMG_1074

IMG_1073 IMG_1072 IMG_1068 IMG_1067 IMG_1069 IMG_1070 IMG_1066 IMG_1061 IMG_1059 IMG_1060 IMG_1091 IMG_1088 IMG_1095 IMG_1097 IMG_1093 IMG_1087

This Friday’s Shabbat Ema is Reba and the Shabbat Aba is Andrewsha. The show and tell person is Elianah.


Important dates:

January 22: Sh’ma at Bedtime

January 28: VPK buddy visit

February 3: 100th day of school! We are 100 day smarter than when we first met!  Please create something with your child for this marked occasion! It can be simple, like, gluing 100 cotton balls (items) onto a t-shirt to wear that day to school, or anything you can do to have your child count to 100.

February 4: Donuts with Dads (Grandpas, Grandmas, moms, uncles, etc., are welcome if dad can’t come:))

March 18: Cummer Museum trip