Welcome December!

Greetings families:

We have been focusing on the book, If a Dolphin Were a Fish, by Loran Wlodarski. The children have been engulfed in the theme of ocean life and the word habitat. We discussed the differences from the book between mammals, amphibians and reptiles. We painted an ocean background, then they  drew, colored, cut out or ripped, and glued animal shapes to the background that live in that environment. This multi-level process of creating art work helps them understand building steps and layering. We try to not use that many pre-cut shapes that predetermine the product so they can be more experimental.

IMG_0549 IMG_0545 IMG_0539 IMG_0535 IMG_0551 IMG_0552 IMG_0541 IMG_0547

IMG_0573 IMG_0566 IMG_0563 IMG_0564

They also learned about Gyotaku printmaking: an ancient Japanese technique involving a rubber fish shape with realistic details. This was fun! (Pictures to come).

We are sending home Fall-themed art work and writings, and filling the room and hall with new work, so take a look around and ask your child what they learned:)

We created sun prints in science class on Monday, and began learning our Hanukkah songs in Jewish Studies. For those of us who stay later in the afternoons, we enjoyed playing basketball in P.E. on Monday and library time on Wednesday.

We continue to read Bob Books at the early level and learn our letters, focusing on H, J, X, F and Y this week.

IMG_0517 IMG_0526 IMG_0523

IMG_0527 IMG_0555 IMG_0553 IMG_0530

This week’s Shabbat Ema is Reba and the Aba is Barrett. The Show and Tell person is Julianna🙂

Hanukkah is in full swing and Tzeeporim students are learning all the songs and dramatic parts for our performance at River Garden. We need drivers! Thanks to those who have already committed; we still need more help, so if you can, please email Robin and me. Thank you!


Important dates:

December 15- Tzeeporim classes will travel to River Garden to perform Hanukkah songs for the residents. Please let me know if you are able to drive and join us for this special trip.

December 16-  VPK buddy visit

December 17- Preschool Hanukkah program- 5:45