Welcome Back!

Hello Parents and welcome back to our first week of school!

We are so excited to begin this journey with you. Thank you for attending our Meet & Greet and having a fun time exploring our classroom with your children. Also, we appreciated that you took the time to tell us about your children and what the best way to teach them is so that they will learn the best way possible!

This week was filled with learning about how our classroom works; We learned the rules of our class and what is expected of us as the “oldest kids in the school.” It is important that we make an effort to set an example, and model the best behavior possible for all the “little ones.” Please be sure that your child is in an environment of learning and growth, love, and laughter as we prepare for Kindergarten.

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Our first day of school was wonderful! We introduced our class rules:

Rules are instructions that tell us how to act and behave.

1. Be happy 2. Be kind 3. Always do your BEST!

We also introduced how we get ready to listen and learn with “Give me 5”:

1. Eyes on Speaker

2. Lips closed

3. Ears listening

4. Sit up straight

5. Hands and feet quiet

We found our name on the carpet and learned all about our Circle Time that consists of our calendar, flags and weekly themes discussion.


A calendar is a chart that has the days, week, and months of the year.

This week’s themes were Back to School, Manners, and Moods & Emotions.

Manners are the polite way to act or behave.

Moods and emotions are the words for how we feel.

I asked the class,”What kind of teacher do you want?


We talked about the qualities that make a teacher someone we want to spend our time with and the kind of students we would like to be.

We had Jewish studies with Morah Rachel and Morah Miriam. We sang Hebrew songs and were introduced to some Hebrew words for the guf (body) like yad (hand), rosh (head), regel (foot), beten (stomach) and we read Sammy the Spider’s First Day of School.

We worked on balancing in P.E. and exercised our gross motor skills.


We had Music with Ms. Zina and sang songs and danced.


In Science we made bubbles!

And Miss Amanda PUT IS IN A BUBBLE!

During our Center Times- both Teacher’s selection, so that we could observe skills like stacking, lacing and pattern knowledge, as well as Free Play- I pulled the children aside individually in order to assess their letter, number, shape and color knowledge. Please note, there will be several assessments throughout the year in an effort to mark your child’s growth and development.

We planted seeds in Gardening.

We used our fine motor skills by coloring, playing with play dough, and practicing writing our names. We began learning the letters that are in our names and the sounds that letters make. We learned the Pledge of Allegiance and the 7 days of the week! We also counted up to 28 on the calendar.

We played in the playground during recess with friends in our class, as well as the other Tzeeporim and Parparim classes.

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IMG_2203_1024 We sat at the big kid’s table at lunch and showed everyone how important table manners are. Please remember that our school is nut free and strictly kosher; All lunches and snacks must be dairy. Menus are available at the front office should you wish to reserve a hot lunch from Margo’s catering.

For our friend’s who are in Kids Club after 12:30 p.m., they played in Miss Lisa’s class and had special time with Coach T in the MJGDS gym, Miss Hallet at the Day School library, and Ms. Gutterman in Art.

I think this was the best Back to School week ever!

Please note the following dates:

Sunday, August 30th- “So Long, Summer!” Pool Party and Picnic

Friday, September 4th– Preschool Shabbat

Monday, September 7th– LABOR DAY- NO SCHOOL OR KIDS CLUB

Wednesday, September 9th at 8:15-9:00 a.m. we will be hosting “Apples with Aba”- all our Dads are invited to have snacks and do a craft project with us!

Monday and Tuesday, September 14th-15th– ROSH HASHANA-  NO SCHOOL OR KIDS CLUB

Thursday, September 17th at 7:00 p.m. is Back to School Night. This is a PARENTS ONLY event so that you can meet with the us.

Please remember, if you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to email us at spollak@dubowpreschool.org

Have a Shabbat shalom!

Miss Suzie & Miss Robin