Welcome Back- Part 2

Dear Parents,

Well, we made it! We began the year with a tremendous transition from preschoolers to pre-kindergarteners. What a difference I have seen- have you? Some friends had a bit of separation anxiety in the beginning and over a short time were waving goodbye and wishing YOU a great day as they confidently strode into class ready to learn and grow.

Some of our friends could not write their names, or could only write their first name. With the help of name tags and daily practice, every child can now write their name correctly and most both first and last names!

We have learned the Pledge of Allegiance, Hatikvah, Days of the Week, Months of the Year, the four seasons, the sound each letter makes, how to sound out the spelling of words, contraction words and deletion, rhymes, syllables, number recognition, ordinal numbers and beginning addition and subtraction.

We have learned about the holidays so far and songs for each one. We have learned about weekly Torah portions and new Hebrew words. We learned how to line up and to sing proudly.

We have memorized poems and nursery rhymes, learned what it means to be a good friend, student and respectful person.

Upon our return, we will build upon all that we have done and are eager to learn more! We will continue to grow our gross and fine motor muscles with activities and movement. We will sharpen our skills by making predictions, learning more sight words and will begin to read. We will move on from labeling our pictures to writing sentences. We will continue to learn our addition and subtraction.

Please know that back to school jitters may occur again, and this is perfectly normal. Upon drop-off, please let us know if you require a bit of help in transitioning back to school. We are here for you and your child.

As you know, Ms. Robin has been offered a wonderful position in the day school and we wish her the best of luck! She will still be with us to open the school and will return for our full day students after lunch until 1:30 pm. The transition should be a smooth one as Ms. Alyse will be in our class in the capacity of assistant every day except Tuesday when she will be doing her P.E. curriculum. Ms. Amanda will be with us on Tuesdays. They are both teachers that our children know and love.

I will be conducting assessments this month to monitor what your child has learned and retained. We will continue both large and small group activities as well as individualized plans for each student.

As always, should you ever have any questions, concerns- or just a desire to communicate anything about your child- I am always available.

Thank you for trusting us with your treasures! We promise to do our best to ensure that they receive all that we have to offer in a caring, compassionate and loving environment designed to enhance their learning and growth.


Ms. Suzie