It is hard to believe we are approaching the end of our first nine weeks of preschool. It has been wonderful getting to know all of your children, and watching them interact with each other.

Check your child’s folder today to find an assessment report.  These assessments were given to each child individually and will help me plan for instruction.  I do not expect mastery at this point.  This is simply a baseline snap shot of what your child knows and the areas we need to concentrate on in the coming months.  We will discuss more on conference day; however, please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at tzeeporim1@dubowpreschool.org.

Home Practice:  What can you do at home?  Help your child practice  letters and letter sounds on a regular basis to prepare them for reading.  Starfall.com is an excellent website for reading games, reading practice, and math that will engage them and make learning fun, but nothing takes the place of story time with Mom and Dad.           Read, Read, Read, and They Will Succeed!


HIGHLIGHTS OF THE WEEK:  We continued with the book Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  We worked on rhyming words and syllables.  We began working on beginning sounds.  The children are doing very well with this concept. We are also working on what an author and illustrator do when writing a book.  As usual, we continue with our math baskets on Fridays.  This Friday has been one complete rotation.  We will take a short break on the 19th and continue with new, more challenging math skills on the 26th.  We had fun on Thursday with our day school buddies.  Ask your child to share with you what they did with them.


Picture day has been rescheduled!


Thursday 11/15- our individual photo day

OUR CLASS PHOTO- Friday 11/16  (I hope everyone will be here!!)

**An order form for the class photo has been sent home.  Please send in the order soon.  You will receive photo proofs and ordering information on individual photos the week after our pictures are taken!


November 9th is Parent /Teacher Conference Day.  If there is a special time that you need, due to work, please email me your top three choices of times.  I will do my best to accommodate everyone.  I can be here as early as 7am that day.  If anytime is good, I will schedule times for you.  I am looking forward  to meeting with you to talk about your child.

REMINDERS:  Please remember that we do not celebrate Halloween here at school.  Please do not send your child in wearing Halloween costumes.

There was a reading log sent home last week. Please work with your child and fill the form out.  When it is full, bring it to school and a new form will be given to you. Thank you for your support.  We have been creating a class reading bookworm since the first day of school.  Stop by to see all the books we have read!  Now we have begun charting the number of books each child is reading.  The kids get excited to see their individual chart grow!


ABA/EMA: October 12 are Ashton & Gigi. October 19th are Charlie & Kyra