Weekly News! Week of November 5, 2012

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE WEEK:  This week we read The Big Leaf Pile.  It was a Clifford story.  We talked about the different colors leave turn in the fall.  We made a pretty fall leaf picture, we began a new site works book and we made a new class book.  We also counted leaves, are reviewing what sounds letters make and we are working on site words.  Our site words for this month are:  the, go, in, a & I.  We have fun with Mr. Greg.  This week we made predictions on if certain items would sink or float.  All the children got to do their own experiments using a variety of objects.  In Hebrew we talked about Isaac and Rebecca’s twins, Esu and Jacob.

PICTURE DAY:  Our picture day is Thursday and our class picture day is on Friday.

REMINDERS:  Be sure to dress your child for the cooler weather, we do go out even on cooler days.  Be sure your child has a change of clothes to keep here at school.

THANK YOU!  Thank you to everyone who took the time to come to our conference.  I enjoyed talking to everyone about their wonderful child.

GUEST READER:  If you are interested in being a guest reader, please contact me at tzeeporim1@dubowpreschool.org

ABA/EMA:  No Aba/Ema this Friday. Itamar/Alana, November 16