HIGHLIGHTS OF THE WEEK:  We read the book, The Itsy Bitsy Spider.  We discussed how humongous and itsy bitsy were opposite words.  We played a spider game, where the spider crawls on different body parts.  We continue with beginning sounds and rhyming words.  We are currently working on an AAB pattern and we counted how many syllables are in specific words.  The children are doing well with these concepts.  We made spider webs where the children had to use their small motor skills and to work slowly on this project.  Be sure to check them out, they are hanging in our room.  We started new math centers today, be sure to ask your child about them. In Hebrew we talked about the story of Sarah and Abraham and how they welcomed travelers into their tent. The children liked singing the song, “Sarah Laughed”.  In our Discovery class, Mr. Greg did a lot of “science” magic.  The children enjoyed watching his experiments, especially the glowing pickle.

NEEDED: We are making a special project next week.  I need one role of toilet paper (not a toilet paper roll,  but a roll of toilet paper) sent in by Tuesday.  If you have any questions, please ask.  We are also going to “cook.”  If anyone can bring in some of the ingredients that are needed, I will have a sign up sheet in my room.

CONFERENCE DAY:  If you have not turned in your conference forms, please do so as soon as possible.  Our conference day will be on November 9th and I am looking forward to speaking with each one of  you about your child.

HOME PRACTICE:  Please continue to fill out your child’s reading log.  When the form is complete, send it back to school and a new form will be given.  It is fun watching how many books your child is reading, or being read to.  Since we have been working on patterns, ask your child if he or she can make, or say a pattern to you.  An example could be book, toy, book, toy.

GUEST READER:  Starting in November, I would like to have a  guest reader come in once a week to read you our class.  If you are interested, please email me  at tzeeporim1@dubowpreschool.org. The best time would be 10:15 or 11:30 Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday or Friday at 9:15am.  Anyone could come in, a parent, grandparent or even an aunt or uncle.  I can provide the book, or the person can bring in a special book.  Thank you!

ABA/EMA: Eytan/Lizzie, October 26. Gabe/Maytal, November 2.