HIGHLIGHTS THIS  WEEK:  This week we read “If a Dolphin Were a Fish.”  This was a story about a dolphin who wished she could be other ocean animals.  Some of our learning activities included writing the first letter of specific ocean animals, reading a poem and finding site words and matching rhyming words.

REMINDERS:  Our Hanukkah Program will be on December 10th beginning at 5:30PM.  We will be singing for the residents of River Gardens on December 12th.  If anyone can help chaperone for this, please let me know.  Our winter break will be December 15 through January 1.  Class resumes on Wednesday, January 2nd.  Please make sure your child brings a jacket to school everyday.  We go out even on chilly days.

FOLDERS:  Please check your child’s folder.  There was a Scholastic book order form last week. If you would like to order any books the due date is December 2nd. There will be a letter about a book exchange that we will have on December 13th.

ABBA/EMA:  November 30, Remy & Brooke Lynn. December 7, Aiden & Ella. December 14, Andrew & Gigi

Below are some pictures of the children doing splat painting! Enjoy