We enjoyed another week at preschool.  This week we talked about snow, funny how this was the one of the warmest weeks!  We read Snowballs and did some fun hands- on activities related to snow.  We drew our own snowmen, we painted with ice,  we measured snowmen and we painted with golf balls.  We have been working in our Handwriting Without Tears book, we have been working on opposite words and we started to talk about compound words.

In discovery class, we made and blew bubbles!  We built our own cubes and then blew square bubbles!  We had fun with Ms. Zina in music and in Hebrew class we are discussing TuB’Shevat and are learning lots of fun songs.  We also had a visit with our VPK buddies this week. We made bird feeders for the birds and hung them up in the courtyard.

ABA/EMA:  January 18:  No School.  January 25: Eytan & Maytal

With the flu season in full swing, PLEASE use your good judgement if your child is not feeling well.  Remember, your child needs to stay at home if they have a fever, vomiting, or diarrhea.  These symptoms need to be cleared for 24 hours before they can return to school.  At school, we do our best to remind the children to wash their hands first thing in the morning, after bathroom use, when we come in from the playground and before lunch.

Please remind your child to keep their toys at home, unless they have the share bag.  We have plenty to do and the toys from home are a distraction. Thank you for your support.