HIGHLIGHTS OF THE WEEK: We began the week with a Purim celebration!  The children looked so cute all dressed up in costume.  After some singing, we went with the day school children and had the story of Ester retold to us.  It was a fun morning.  We read the book Bright Eyes, Brown Skin.  We talked about  how no two people look the same on the outside and how we should all learn to be kind to each other.  We made a class quilt to represent our class as a whole and the each piece (child) is important, without each piece (each child) the quilt would not be complete.  We also have a Kindness Tree on one of our bulletin boards.  Everyone picked a heart with a different child’s name on it.  The child who picked the heart had to say something that he or she could do that was kind to the name on the heart.  From there we hung it on our tree. Mr. Greg came by our room on Monday.  He had containers with objects for us to smell.  We had to figure out the scent by using our sense of smell.

ABA/EMA:  March 1: Aiden & Kyra    March 8:  Andrew & Lizzie   March 15:  Ashton & Maytal   March 22:  Charlie &  Alana


Enjoy the pictures from Purim & when Mr. Greg came to our room.