HIGHLIGHTS OF THE WEEK:  We all enjoyed our long weekend, but we were ready to get back to fun at school.  This week we talked about teeth and keeping them healthy.  We read many books related to the topic.  Some of our activities included making a giant toothbrush, which can be used as a reminder to brush our teeth and playing a counting game with teeth and a dice. We did an experiment with an egg.  The egg was like our teeth and we soaked it in soda.  Then we took the egg out and saw how dirty it got.  Then we each has a chance to brush the egg to see what happened.  Our conclusion, it is important to brush our teeth!  We also made a “how many teeth” picture.  We used our small motor skills and counting skills to put 10 teeth on top and 10 teeth on the bottom.  We had a guest reader come in and read us a story about Purim.  We also made masks and groggers.  We even made hamataschen!  We had a fun week.

22nd Samuel & Gigi; March 1 Aiden & Kyra; March 8 Andrew & Lizzie

REMINDERS:  On Sunday, February 24th there will be a carnival here at the Jewish center for all to enjoy.  Don’t forget to wear costumes (no weapons please) to school on Monday, February 25th.  We will be celebrating Purim on that day.

Below are a few pictures from a special guest reader and some activities that we did relating to our teeth


Teeth Game                                                                                                      Special Reader