WEEK OF APRIL 22, 2013

HIGHLIGHTS OF THE WEEK:  We talked about the zoo this week.  We had the children say what their favorite zoo animal was and then drew a picture of it.  We talked about punctuation marks and which to use in different types of  sentences.  You will see them practice using a period, question mark and exclamation mark.

We worked on how many syllables specific zoo animals have and we clapped them out.  We made giraffes and in the afternoon, we created a large zoo mural.  The children did wonderful during picture day.  And we are glad that we had some beautiful weather to play in while on the playground.

ABA/EMA:  May 3 will be Itamar & Gigi.  May 10 will be Remy & Kyra.  May 17 will be Samuel & Lizzie.  May 24 Aiden & Maytal.  May 31 Andrew & Alana

REMINDERS:  Our class picture will be held on Wednesday, May 1st. Please mark Friday, May 3rd down.  We will have our Shabbat Dinner for everyone and their families to attend.  If you have any questions, please contact Claudia @ claudiartw@gmail.com or Beth @ bethwolpoff@yahoo.com.  Thank you and hope to see you there.  Please RSVP soon by sending in your registration form and check.  Mark your calendars for Friday, May 10th.  We will have a special Shabbat for our moms, grandmothers and/or aunts.  All are welcome to attend.

Enjoy some of the creativeness in our room!


Making names out of play dough                                                    Building blocks




Making frog puppets                                                                   Making frog puppets


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