Watching them grow


This week we enjoyed so many new things, and are having a great time at school. In the Discovery Studio, Ms. Amanda created a Robot Olympics space where the children created obstacle courses for mini robotic bugs to race! They used wooden blocks to create mazes, learned about the incline plane to allow the “bug” to crawl up a ramp, and had to learn to plug the gaps since some bugs tried to escape from the racetrack. They were VERY excited about this.


We had special visitors from the day school blow the Shofar during Jewish Studies and each morning in our classroom, Ms. Shereen came to read a special book about germs, and we met our year-long VPK buddies! These are fourth and fifth graders to partner with for special projects.

IMG_0385IMG_0388 IMG_0390

We focused on a book at the beginning of the week called The Giraffe Made Her Laugh, and created lots of narrative, art work and literacy activities based on the story. The children are practicing their speaking skills and learning to tell stories based on past experiences. Please look at our new artwork in the hallway based on the story. IMG_0305IMG_0398IMG_0391IMG_0308IMG_0289

Tomorrow is picture day for Tzeeporim 1!