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Greetings families & friends!

We had a “blast” helping to create our own fin for a special rocket!  When everyone was finished creating their piece, we were able to “push” the special button.  Then do the BIG 3, 2, 1…countdown for our rocket launcher!  It was so incredibly cool to be able to see how high & how far the rockets would go outside!  Ms. Nancy and Mr. Greg helped to make this special outside rocket launcher activity super FUN!

IMG_3078        IMG_3079


Everyone had a great time in P.E. with Coach Marla, she taught us several new indoor games! 🙂


We were really focused working on our marvelous mini moons for the Letter “Mm.”  Making sure that we were creating a “M” and not a “W.” 🙂


Since we are learning all about the different items that you can use to “write” with and discovering all of the many reasons why we write…we decided to draw a picture of what we love to do with our families.  Then label everyone who is in the picture!  All of the little ones were super excited when they were able to put a stamp on the envelope and mail their picture! (Please keep a look out for your child’s mail in your mailbox!) 🙂


IMG_3101        IMG_3102

IMG_3098  IMG_3100

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We had a wonderful surprise morning snack with our VPK Buddies!!! Everyone was thrilled to be able to eat, talk, and play with their buddy!  The VPK students loved showing the older students around the room, taking them to many different centers…even to read a book up in the super fun castle!! Lots of great memories were made by all! 🙂



IMG_3119  IMG_3120










Despite the crazy Florida weather…hot then cold, and cold then hot! Our garden is still thriving! Here are the two vegetables we have in our garden! 🙂

IMG_3136        IMG_3137

Another amazing VPK student turned the big FIVE!!!!! Happy Birthday!! 🙂


During Music Resource Ms. Zina called on several students to come sing the lyrics for the song “Do-Re-Mi” from The Sound of Music! (Amazing to witness how they are able to correctly sing the lyrics and sing them with a friend!) 🙂

IMG_3158        IMG_3159

We had a fantastic Mystery Reader session from Nathan’s first grade brother!  He got everyone excited and engaged, during his reading of “The Duckling Gets a Cookie!?” and “Rainbow Rob.”  All of the students loved the Rainbow Rob book, because each page had a different texture for the students to touch. Excellent lesson on how we should all be ourselves! Great job, Ari!!! 🙂



This week we had several cold and rainy days…which meant that we were stuck inside!  We taught the students the always fun and entertaining game of Musical Chairs!  Making sure to let everyone know, that it is alright if you are not able to get a chair and that we have to work together in order to make the game exciting! Most of the students were able to grasp the concept and had a blast cheering on their friends, once they were out of the game!       Learning through play is FUN! 🙂

IMG_3166  IMG_3167

We started working on our VPK workbooks this week! All of the students loved being able to draw, write, and color in their very own book! 🙂


We had two fantastic Share Chair sessions with the Letter of the Week and the Student of the Week!  Our Letter of the Week for “Mm” brought in many items: moon, monkey, marker, Minnie Mouse, picture of mom, and a creative drawing of a map!! Then for our Student of the Week we discovered that his favorite letter is “T,” favorite item in nature is rocks, love sharks & whales, and cheers for the Florida Gators! Awesome job!!! 🙂

IMG_3175        IMG_3177

This is our Ema & Aba from our Shabbat!

IMG_3179        IMG_3178

Inside the Classroom Info:

Student of the Week: No Student of the Week!

Letter of the Week: Tt (Shainah will be sharing with us this Friday, all about the letter T.)

Ema & Aba: Brennan and Chloe

Bright Eyes, Brown Skin is our read aloud book from February 18th – 28th.

*Parents our word wall words are: cheek, chin, eyes, and toes.  Please discuss with your child what letter each word starts with and what sound does it make.*

Few tidbits:

1. If you would like to be a Mystery Reader, please come see me or email me to sign up for a slot.  All surprise readings take place on Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. (We have a handful of spots left for the rest of the year!)

2. No School on Monday, February 17th, it is President’s Day!

3. Class Pictures taken by Ryan Noble Photography on Wednesday, February 19th at 8:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. (Please make sure that your child is at school for this special class picture!)

4. Preschool Family Shabbat Dinner on Friday, February 28th from 5:45 – 7:00 pm. (Check your child’s folder for more information!)

5. Community University will be on Sunday, March 9th.  (More information to come!)

6. Purim Carnival will be on Sunday, March 16th from 10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.

7. Purim Celebration in the Preschool will be on Monday, March 17th!  Everyone come to school in costume! 🙂

8. Please check folders daily to make sure, that you are aware of all events and other information that is happening in VPK.

**Since this month we are going to be talking all about writing and the different types of writing that you are able to create.  I would love for everyone to several times throughout the month of February write/create a note or card for your child!  Please put the “surprise” in your child’s folder this way, we are able to share it with them during Circle Time!  If you have any questions please feel free to send me an email! :)**


Please email me anytime, if you have any questions, concerns, etc. (aroden@dubowpreschool.org)

Here is my favorite VPK quote of the week:

“I don’t know where we are going, but it sure is fun!!” 🙂

Thank you everyone,

Ms. Ashley & Ms. Robin 🙂