Tu B’Shevat!

Last week was a busy one! Tzeeporim students enjoyed learning more about Tu B’Shevat and practiced for our upcoming Shoobee Doobee Shabbat performance on the 20th. Morah Rachel read the class a great story about the Mitzvot of Trees.



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On Friday the students in Kids Club enjoyed an A cappella group of NYU students who performed for them  in the class! They were talented college students in a Jewish vocal group visiting Jacksonville for the weekend of Morah Rachel’s night of honor.

Our mystery reader was Anna’s cousin Bradley, and his mom Alicia. They read The Day the Crayons Quit. I strongly recommend this book!

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We took a nature walk this week before the rain began and enjoyed the Discovery Studio. The children loved using the binoculars to explore out the window.

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It’s day 100 of VPK! We had a blast counting to 100 by 10s and 5s, and admiring each other’s 100-themed t-shirts. Thanks to Barrett and Logan for providing 100 pieces of candy (200, really) for the class to count out. (They only had two pieces each). Enjoying lunch in our classroom seems like a privilege to them!

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For TuB’Shevat the PTA gave us dried fruits for our snack time, to represent gifts we receive from trees.

After reading Bright Eyes, Brown Skin this week, the students discussed how we may look different on the outside, but that we are the same on the inside, and that we are all trying to achieve the same things in life; mostly happiness. They created simple (yet detailed) portraits using only pencils and paper. Students at this age rarely need any other interference when drawing other than learning how to look and really see. (Pictures to come, but check out the portrait drawings hanging in the room!)

Donuts with dads was a great success! 11 dads came to enjoy sweet treats with their 4 or 5 year old, as well as plant some parsley seeds for Passover. They also loved creating a special card together:) Thanks to all who could attend!

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We began learning about the question mark, specifically, and other punctuation, and the students are practicing writing them on the dry erase board.

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This week’s Shabbat Ema is Sophia and the Shabbat Aba is Andrewsha. The Show and Tell person is Logan.

Important dates:

February 9: ASQ forms due back.

February 12: Spring picture day!

February 16- No School/No Kids Club- Presidents Day.

March 18- Cummer Museum field trip.