The Water Cycle

(From the week of September 11th)

What a joy it was to be back together again after such a long break!

On Thursday we took some time to talk through our perception of Hurricane Irma. Many of us were scared of the loud noises and slept in our parents’ rooms. We couldn’t go outside during the storm so those of us who had power watched movies. Some of us got to have sleepovers with our extended family! Thankfully we all are safe and were able to come back to school.

Our theme during this short week was the water cycle. We read “We Play on a Rainy Day.” Is it safe to play in the rain? Yes, if you have the right gear. Is it safe to play in a hurricane? NO! (we all knew the correct answer to that one). We watched a short video (with a catchy tune!) that helped us understand where rain comes from. You can watch it here

Our Mystery Readers brought 3 books to share! Thank you for spending time reading to us and joining us for Shabbat!

Enjoy some photos from this short week!