The Very Hungry Caterpillar…. Became a Beautiful Butterfly!


We are beginning our Spring learning with Life Cycles. First up, the butterfly! As we try to be as hands on as possible, we are learning by reading, reinforcing and with live lessons.


We are practicing the days of the week- we know them, and now we can write them!IMG_4133 IMG_4135

We acted out the butterfly life cycle… we were an egg that lay on the underside of a leaf…


Then a caterpillar that ate and ate until we built our chrysalis…IMG_4141

And finally butterflies with wings so lovely!IMG_4155 IMG_4156

Officer Nancy came by for a visit as well. We talked about Stranger Danger.IMG_4162 IMG_4165 IMG_4167 IMG_4169 IMG_4170 IMG_4171 IMG_4172 IMG_4174 IMG_4176 IMG_4178 IMG_4179 IMG_4180 IMG_4186 IMG_4168 IMG_4187 IMG_4190 IMG_4192 IMG_4194

We made caterpillars.


We also began learning about Purim.

IMG_4196 IMG_4197 IMG_4198 IMG_4199 IMG_4201 IMG_4202 IMG_4203 IMG_4204

We played kickball in P.E.!

IMG_4205 IMG_4206 IMG_4207

We decorated wings….

IMG_4208 IMG_4209 IMG_4210 IMG_4211 IMG_4212

In Jewish Studies we are learning about Purim!

IMG_4122IMG_4219 IMG_4127IMG_4222 IMG_4223 IMG_4224 IMG_4225

We made our own life cycle diagrams.

IMG_4226 IMG_4227 IMG_4228 IMG_4229 IMG_4231 IMG_4232 IMG_4234 IMG_4233 IMG_4237 IMG_4238 IMG_4239

We are working on building and using our imagination… how high up can it go? Is it stable? How can we fix that?

IMG_4244 IMG_4245 IMG_4247 IMG_4248 IMG_4249 IMG_4251 IMG_4252 IMG_4254 IMG_4256 IMG_4257 IMG_4261 IMG_4263 IMG_4264

We did butterfly math and worked on our addition.IMG_4265 IMG_4267 IMG_4268

And our language and phonics lessons were all butterfly related!IMG_4281 IMG_4282 IMG_4279 IMG_4274 IMG_4287 IMG_4290 IMG_4291 IMG_4293 IMG_4296

Ms. Amanda brought us our very own caterpillars that we named in Purim theme: Achashverosh, Esther, Mordechai and Vashti.IMG_4300 IMG_4302 IMG_4304 IMG_4309 IMG_4310 IMG_4312 IMG_4313 IMG_4315 IMG_4318 IMG_4320 IMG_4321 IMG_4322 IMG_4323 IMG_4314

If you check out the hallway along our class, you can see our life cycle diagrams and our beautiful butterflies!


We have been working on many Purim crafts as well, but would like to keep these a surprise, so all of those pictures will be in the Purim week post!!

So I will skip ahead to our amazing field trip to Diamond D Ranch where we had an awesome time!!

IMG_4355 IMG_4356 IMG_4357 IMG_4360 IMG_4361 IMG_4362 IMG_4374 IMG_4378 IMG_4390 IMG_4392 IMG_4400 IMG_4402 IMG_4406 IMG_4408 IMG_4414 IMG_4416 IMG_4418 IMG_4419 IMG_4424 IMG_4426 IMG_4427 IMG_4428 IMG_4431 IMG_4432 IMG_4445 IMG_4448 IMG_4456 IMG_4464 IMG_4466 IMG_4473 IMG_4483 IMG_4484 IMG_4493 IMG_4498 IMG_4500 IMG_4502 IMG_4504 IMG_4507 IMG_4512 IMG_4515 IMG_4518 IMG_4524 IMG_4533 IMG_4534 IMG_4536 IMG_4543 IMG_4544 IMG_4547 IMG_4548 IMG_4552 IMG_4553 IMG_4554 IMG_4557 IMG_4560 IMG_4561 IMG_4562 IMG_4564 IMG_4565 IMG_4566 IMG_4571 IMG_4573 IMG_4575 IMG_4577

This was the best week ever… Until next week, because… Purim week is upon us!

This upcoming week we will have a full week of celebrating the holiday. We will be having a special VPK dress up days each day this week, we hope all the children will participate in the festivities of this holiday.
Special dress up day themes:
Monday – 3/21- Silly Sock day
Tuesday 3/22- PJ Day (please feel free to send in a change of clothes if the children get hot- we also ask for the children to wear sneakers (or bring a pair of sneakers) for recess & PE with Miss Alyse
Wednesday 3/23– Backwards day (this can be as simple as a backwards hat, wearing our shirt backwards, or dressing completely backwards- HAVE FUN! 🙂
Thursday 3/24– Purim celebration – 9 AM– Children are asked to come in costume
(Please send in a change of clothes if the children wish to change out of their costumes)
Friday- 3/25- Shoobee Doobee Shabbat program at 10 AM send your children in special Shabbat clothes for our last Shoobee Doobee at the DuBow Preschool! Our Aba will be Simon and our Ema will be Noam.
If you have not yet sent in the snacks for our mishloach manot, please do so by Tuesday 3/22. 
Next week, I will be sending home Conference Day notices for April 4th. Please return these as soon as possible!
Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at the Purim Carnival!
Ms. Suzie & Ms. Alyse