The Giraffe Made Her Laugh- Rhyme Time!

Shalom Again!

This week was filled with rhyme,

We had the most amazing time!


img_0892 img_0897

We are very fortunate to have received a donation from Party City which included costumes.

We began the week with the sound of the shofar which reminded us that Rosh Hashana is right around the corner. We talked about apples and all the things we could make with them- we will do some next week.img_0932img_0898 img_0900

We used our fine motor skills by creating shapes with play dough.img_0931 img_0930

In science, Ms. Amanda taught us about germs. She “sneezed” on us and then we watched how germs spread.

img_0919 img_0918 img_0922

We practiced proper hand washing to ensure that we all stay healthy.img_0923

Our book this week was The Giraffe Made Her Laugh. We learned about rhymes and practiced our letter recognition.

img_0899 img_0901 img_0902 img_0903 img_0904 img_0905 img_0907 img_0908 img_0910 img_0911 img_0913 img_0914

In Jewish Studies, we learned about the symbols of Rosh Hashana.img_0966 img_0980 img_1007

We wrote in our journals.



And practiced teamwork by building together.


In P.E. we are finishing up our soccer skills.

img_0961 img_0974

We spent the week practicing beginning sounds and rime and onset in creating words.img_0975

We talked about moods and emotions- another way to say feelings. We drew pictures using emotion words.

img_0996 img_1009img_1034

We are learning the month of the year.


Our letter of the week was “X”… As in “X” marks the spot… So we used a map to go on a treasure hunt!

img_0991img_0979img_0971 img_1014 img_0985 img_0957

Then we created our own treasure maps.

img_0958  img_0983

We talked about what we would do to make the Queen laugh and practiced using full sentences.img_1021

Then we acted out the silly things the giraffe in our story did… and laughed pretty hard ourselves!img_1022 img_1020 img_1018

We made crowns, just like the Queen wore…


…And used our treasure to decorate them.

img_1032 img_1033

Our number of the week was “6”. We practiced writing it and finding it.img_1035 img_1036 img_1037img_1042 img_1038 img_1039 img_1040 img_1043

In Gardening, we learned about worms and how they help plants and flowers to grow Then we did a maze about worms.

img_1045 img_1047 img_1048

If you are wondering how are class is getting along, here is a candid shot of what our class is doing- on their own!


We worked on one-to one correspondence by counting bears and matching the correct number to the set.img_1053 img_1054 img_1055 img_1060 img_1061 img_1062 img_1063 img_1064

We are working on our names in all different ways.

img_1097 img_1099img_1096 img_1100 img_1109

This week we had our first mystery reader- thank you to Lily Pop’s mom for bringing rhyming books and reading to us!

img_1111 img_1115

Our Ema and Aba Shabbat, Lily Pop and Dillon, did a great job of leading us at our All School Shabbat in the synagogue.

img_1117 img_1119 img_1136 img_1148

We ended the week with bright crowns and big smiles!img_1153

This was the best week EVER… Until next week!

Upcoming Dates

Friday, October 23rd– Shabbat 10:00am Ema: Emma Aba: Rafael

Friday, September 30th– Shabbat 10:00am Ema: Hannah   Aba: Max

Monday and Tuesday, October 3rd and 4th- School Closed for Rosh Hashana

Friday, October 7th- Shabbat 10:00am   Ema: Milly Aba:  Zachary

Tuesday, October 11th- noon dismissal for Erev Yom Kippur

Wednesday, October 12th- School Closed for Yom Kippur

Monday and Tuesday, October 17th-18th– School Closed for Sukkot

Friday, October 21st– All School Shabbat 10:00am Ema: Abigail   Aba: Jordan

Monday and Tuesday, October 24th and 25th– School Closed for Shemini Atzeret and Simchat Torah

Friday, October 28th– Shabbat 10:00am   Ema: Lily Pop   Aba: Dillon

Friday, November 4th– Shabbat 10:00am Ema: Hannah   Aba: Max

Monday, November 7th– School Closed for Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday, November 11th– Shabbat 10:00am- Ema: Emma   Aba: Rafael

Monday, November 14th– School Closed, Teacher In-Service Day

Friday, November 18th– Shabbat 10:00am Ema: Milly   Aba: Zachary

Tuesday, November 22nd – Thanksgiving Program 10:30am

Wednesday,Thursday and Friday November 23rd-25th– School closed for Thanksgiving

Please remember, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at or you can call the preschool office to speak with me.

Have a Great Week!

Ms. Suzie & Ms. Melissa