Sukkah Hopping and Torah Dancing- Now Back To Our Regularly Scheduled Programming


Welcome to our sukkah hopping, Torah dancing experience!!

But first… Let’s do some housekeeping.

Allergy and bug season seems to be in full swing. On the plus side, we took this opportunity to learn about the garden, plants, and animals that thrive on these bugs. Did you know that bats eat mosquitoes? Yay! We love bees- they pollinate our amazing plants and flowers. Have you visited our garden?

On the flip side, the bugs seem to be of the pesky kind that make us itch! If you would like us to spray your child- over their clothing- please let me know and I will send home our medication permission form. Please return it with bug spray labeled in a ziploc with your child’s name.

Last week, we sent home your child’s photos that were taken by Larry Tallis. Follow the instruction letter to place an order.

Also, the Parent-Teacher conference forms were sent home. If you have not yet returned yours, please do as soon as possible. Thanks!

Now on to the good stuff!
We came back from our days off for Sukkot and fulfilled the mitzvah of eating in the Sukkah when we went to visit the beautiful Sukkah at Eitz Chaim.

img_2116 img_2117 img_2118 img_2119 img_2126 img_2125 img_2124 img_2120 img_2128 img_2423 img_2426 img_2427 img_2437

We left a thank you note for our friends next door after our snack and story.

img_2440 img_2439

Then returned to visit our school Sukkah where we saw, felt, and smelled the lulav and etrog….

img_2443 img_2450


We also visited the sukkah Ms. Amanda made just for us in our school garden.img_2459

When we finally got back to our class it was time for each of us to put up our Mitzvah Stars!

img_2460 img_2462 img_2463 img_2464 img_2465 img_2467 img_2470

Our project of the week was to prepare for Simchat Torah. We each made- and wrote- My Torah.

img_2417 img_2420 img_2469

And then for Shabbat, we danced and celebrated with our Torah.

Now, getting back to our regularly scheduled programming…

Remember our Science experiment from last week- with the Pumpkins? Well, we got to see how it ended?

img_2489 img_2484 img_2485 img_2486 img_2488 img_2493

We worked on our patterns this week as well.

img_2476 img_2478 img_2479 img_2480 img_2494 img_2497

We got so good that we created our own patterns.

img_2498 img_2499 img_2500 img_2501 img_2502 img_2477 img_2503 img_2504

Our theme of the week was weather and rain. We read our ELLM book, We Play On a Rainy Day.

Ms. Melissa did an experiment that showed the water cycle. She used shaving cream and food coloring to demonstrate what happens when the clouds get full and the precipitation comes down.


img_2967 img_2946


Then we created rain theme watercolors!

img_2949 img_2947

We wrote in our journals and drew corresponding pictures, and then shared what we wrote about.

“My favorite thing about the rain is…”


This week in Jewish Studies we talked about the Torah starting again from “Bereishit”, in the beginning.

img_2945 img_2943

We took the time to go through day by day.

img_2952 img_2979 img_2966 img_2963 img_2954 img_2956

We displayed our work outside our classroom.

img_3006 img_3007 img_3008 img_3009 img_3010 img_3011 img_3012 img_3014 img_3013 img_3015 img_3016

At Shabbat, our Ema and Aba, Lily Pop and Dillon, led us into the celebration where we practiced miming the story of Creation.

img_3001 img_2995

Thank you to Jordan’s mom for being our mystery reader- she was so fun to listen to!


This was the best week EVER… Until next week!

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Friday, November 4th– Shabbat 10:00am Ema: Hannah   Aba: Max

Monday, November 7th– School Closed for Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday, November 11th– Shabbat 10:00am- Ema: Emma   Aba: Rafael

Monday, November 14th– School Closed for Teacher In-Service Day

Friday, November 18th– Shabbat 10:00am Ema: Milly   Aba: Zachary

Tuesday, November 22nd – Thanksgiving Program 10:30am

Wednesday,Thursday, and Friday November 23rd-25th– School closed for Thanksgiving

Friday, December 2nd- Shabbat 10:00am Ema: Abigail  Aba: Jordan

Friday, December 9th- Shabbat 10:00am  Ema: Lily Pop  Aba: Dillon

Chanukah Program- To Be Announced

Friday, December 16th- Shabbat 10:00am  Ema: Hannah  Aba: Max

December 19th- January 2nd- School Closed for Winter Break


Please remember, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at or you can call the preschool office to speak with me.


Ms. Suzie & Ms. Melissa