Sukkah Hop and Simchat Torah

We began the week with our first VPK field trip! Our Sukkah Hop was a bounding success. Thank you so much to all of our parents who volunteered to drive our students. We visited three lovely Sukkot in our neighborhood, and we were treated to delicious snacks. We used our eagle eyes to spot several other sukkahs in the neighborhood as we “hopped” to our destinations. Some were in driveways, and others were on the side or behind the homes.

On Tuesday, we spent some time with Ms. Emily working on our rhythmicity! We do this by walking to the beat of a drum, matching the fast or slow rhythm. We also learned  the musical term rest and used it in a new rhyme.

Afterward, we continued the Sukkot celebration and geared up for Simchat Torah by enjoying our snack in the Goldman Sukkah. We used pretzels and fruit roll ups to create our own Torah scrolls.


Then we spent some time in the garden with Ms. Heather. We first brainstormed what a plant needs to grow: sunlight, water, and nutrients from dirt. Then we used the scientific method to design an experiment. “What would happen to a plant if it got no water? What would happen if it got no light?” We came up with a few hypotheses and set up our experiment table.

Then Ms. Heather gave us a garden mystery to solve. Who took the leaves from our broccoli plant?! We used magnifying glasses to observe clues. We spied bite marks on leaves and decided it was most likely a sneaky squirrel!

Wednesday morning, our question of the day included several unfamiliar words. “What does a Torah scribe use to write the Torah? A quill pen or a paintbrush?” There was a clue on the board to help us figure out the answer. The clue was a real feather with a pointed end. After we figured out the answer to the question of the day, we got to try writing with our very own quill pen, just like a Torah scribe!

Once we completed our quill pen practice, we joined Tzeeporim 2 in the sanctuary to learn why and how we celebrate Simchat Torah. We brought our handmade flags with us and marched with the Torah! Then we heard the story of the Beginning, or Bereshit. 

As the High Holy Days come to a close, we are thankful for the wonderful time we have had celebrating in school with your children. We wish you a year of peace and joy ahead. We are excitedly looking forward to seeing everyone again on Monday!

Ms. Alyse and Ms. Stephanie