Spring is here!

Last week Ms. Dina was our Mystery Reader and the children loved seeing her in that role! She read Izzy the Whiz and Passover Mcleanwho gets ready for Passover by cleaning his house. This coincides with the renovation and replanting in our gardens this week. The children were curious about the new plantings, and Ms. Amanda explained exactly what was planted, and why. There are marigolds for keeping insects away, parsley for the Seder plate, and other herbs.

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Last week we enjoyed our Shabbat celebration in the indoor playroom. So many family members attended! Thanks to all for coming to spend this special time with our class.

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We are getting ready for Pesach! “How do we celebrate? See what’s on our Seder plate.” This and other catchy tunes are part of our practice for Passover, both in learning the story in the Torah and preparing for our model seder on April 1!

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This week the class celebrated Tavi’s birthday! She turned 5 and enjoyed the party and visit with her whole family. With each birthday, the children add one more friend to the “5” list in our class. Right now, we’re up to seven 5 year olds!






In Science, Ms. Amanda introduced the children to bubble making! Some of the children even got inside a huge bubble. Ms. Amanda taught them about elasticity and surface tension.

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We also read the book Carolina’s Story: Sea Turtles Get Sick Too. The children loved making a carapace design and learned about symmetry.

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We had Officer Nancy come to the school this week to share a little about how she keeps people safe. She let the children hear the siren on her police car, as well as climb in and play inside! This obviously went over very well- some of the children were even handcuffed! They loved this. On Thursday, we’ll have a firetruck and crew come to school as part of the community helpers theme:)

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This week’s Shabbat Aba is Arseniy and the Ema is Elianah. Our Show and Tell person is Tavi.

We need some supplies: If you could please donate 1 pack of hand wipes that would be great! We use them after lunch and sometimes on the playground. Also, please remember to send some extra clothes for your child to change into when needed.

Ms. Robin and I cannot believe the amount of growth the students have made this year! They are getting smarter, more inquisitive, and creative everyday. And, we have the stats to prove it:) We will be sending home some data for you to read this week.

Important dates:

March 31-Hemming Park trip

April 1 Model Seder-10:30am

April 3- No School-kids Club by reservation only

April 4- 10-No school- Pesach