Spring has sprung!

Greetings families & friends!

     We were quite busy preparing for our Purim celebration.  Everyone loved being able to decorate their one of a kind grogger.  Once all of the groggers were dried, we counted out 10 beans to fill the inside with…this way we were able to make lots of noise!!! 🙂


IMG_3584                                     IMG_3585


IMG_3586                                      IMG_3588


IMG_3651                                     IMG_3652




IMG_3660                                     IMG_3659


During P.E. Coach Marla had us playing in a fun giraffe tunnel, hula hooping, and playing a game with the plastic cones! So much FUN! 🙂



IMG_3597               IMG_3596

While we were reading the book The Farm Concert, we created our own big red barn! The students were able to cut & glue to design their barn!




Our super cool VPK Buddies came to our classroom to make paper plate groggers with us!! They helped us lace the pipe cleaners around the paper plates and to stuff the inside with lots of beans!! When everyone was finished we all loudly shook our homemade groggers! (Wonderful to witness the bond that has formed between the VPK students and the 4th & 5th graders!) 🙂




We loved preparing for our Purim celebration, especially when it was time to become “mini top chefs!!!” Everyone was able to be hands on with the flour and the dough to help make the hamantaschen…we added chocolate chips or strawberry jelly to the inside!! They all came out wonderfully!                   Great job, everyone! 🙂




Once the hamantaschen were done baking, we made paper plate hamantaschen to put our edible treats inside! Such a sweet treat! 🙂

IMG_3683 IMG_3684

We had a great Mystery Reader session from Liam’s mom! She read two books Berry Magic and Jump frog Jump!  One was a funny book about all the adventures that a little frog goes on and the other was a folk story from Alaska! Thank you Liam’s mom, for sharing your love of reading with us! 🙂


 For our Share Chair session we had our Letter of the Week, which was “Nn.” She brought in noodles, nail polish, and a napkin! Awesome sharing!! 🙂


This is our Ema & Aba from our Shabbat!


Purim celebrations consisted of singing with the entire preschool, parading throughout the school (Telling everyone “Happy Purim!”), and having a Purim picnic! 🙂


IMG_3698                  IMG_3699



IMG_3712                  IMG_3713



We started reading studying the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar! The students as a whole group, had to use colorful pictures to put the story in order! Once the story was in order, we were able to “read” the story just by using the pictures! Then it was the students turn to complete a story mapping activity for The Very Hungry Caterpillar! Everyone colored all of their pictures, cut, and then finally glued all of the pictures in order from beginning, middle, to the end! (They love the line in the story where the caterpillar says, ” but is still hungry!!!”) Kudos everyone on all of your hard work! 🙂


IMG_3718                  IMG_3722

IMG_3723                  IMG_3724


IMG_3727                  IMG_3729


We had a blast with Coach Marla in P.E., she made sure everyone was stretched and ready to have FUN!! 🙂



We made a HUGE colorful paper plate caterpillar!!! Everyone painted one section for the caterpillar.  Then once everyone was done, we voted on a name…the winner was “sunshine!” 🙂

IMG_3732                                     IMG_3733

Each student was able to create their very own “name caterpillar.”  They drew the face, then counted how many letters are in their first name (they picked out that many colorful circles), next they wrote each letter in their name on the circles, and finally they glued it together. Some people even added legs and antennas! 🙂


We love making patterns with things that we found all around us! Everyone was thrilled when we made a “pattern caterpillar.” Each student had to decide if they wanted to complete a two or three step pattern, as well as the colors that they wanted to use.  Then they had to cut sections of the paper, whatever size they liked to form the caterpillar! When each student was finished with the task, they had to be able to orally and physically tell Ms. Robin or myself the pattern that they created!                              Amazing work, everyone!!! 🙂

IMG_3740                  IMG_3741

IMG_3742                                     IMG_3743

IMG_3744                                     IMG_3745


Since we are studying all about what happens to the caterpillar, in the story The Very Hungry Caterpillar…we created our own “Lifecycle of a Butterfly.” Now everyone is able to explain it goes from an egg, to a caterpillar, to a cocoon, and finally turns into a beautiful butterfly! 🙂


Purim is complete and now we are moving on to learn all about Passover!  *FYI: Some students took home a green piece of paper with a sentence or two on it. This means that they have a speaking part. Please practice saying whatever is on your child’s green piece of paper! *(Mark your calendars for our VPK Model Seder on Tuesday, April 8th @ 10:30. We can’t wait to see you there!) 🙂


   We made “mini caterpillars” out of colorful pompoms and a green leaf! 🙂

IMG_3770                                     IMG_3771


Since we are learning all about insects and bugs…we decided to go on a hunt for a class pet! Thankfully Ms.Robin and Steven were able to catch a small green lizard! Everyone voted that the lizards name would be “pandory!!” Come check out our new friend, in his super cool new habitat! 🙂


This week was sibling Mystery Reader week! All of our Mystery Readers are not only siblings to someone in the class, but they all are big first graders as well!!!!

We had Steven’s sister read the hilariously funny Chickens to the rescue book.  She even made everyone in the class their own personal little chicken!! Too cute!! Thank you Steven’s sister for getting us excited about reading and making us artwork!! 🙂


Next we had Brennan’s brother read to us the silly Mixed up Chameleon book! He had us puzzled as to what was going to happen to the chameleon all throughout the story! At the very end, he asked us “what is our favorite color?” Thank you Brennan’s brother for doing a wonderful job reading to all of us! 🙂



Finally we had Chava’s brother read to us Look for the Lorax and The Truth from the Berenstain Bears.  Thank you Chava’s brother for sharing your love of reading with us! 🙂


 For our Share Chair session we had our Letter of the Week, which was “Ww.” She brought in a water bottle, a small whale, wash cloth, wipe, wrapper, watch, a white crayon, and a picture of a waterfall! Awesome sharing!! 🙂


Our dear sweet friend Lexi, brought everyone including Ms. Robin and I, a hand written special note! She pulled everyones note out of her “frozen” decorated mailbox and read the note to them! The students gave her big hugs and thanked her, for making them such a thoughtful sweet note! Thank you Lexi, for the sweet surprise note! 🙂



This is our Ema & Aba from our Shabbat! Plus, some surprise guests for a few friends! 🙂




**Reminder if you would like your child to attend Spring Break Camp, then please return this form by Friday, March 28th!**


Inside the Classroom Info:

Letter of the Week: Qq (Jayden will be sharing with us this Thursday, all about the letter Q.)

Ema & Aba: Adam and Chloe

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is our read aloud book from March 17th – 28th.

*Parents our word wall words are: butterfly, caterpillar, cocoon, and egg.  Please discuss with your child what letter each word starts with and what sound does it make.*

Few tidbits:

1. If you would like to be a Mystery Reader, please come see me or email me to sign up for a slot.  All surprise readings take place on Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. (We currently have May 1st, May 8th, and May 22nd available.  If you haven’t had an opportunity this year and are not able to make the Thursdays at 10:00, then please email me and we will work together to make it happen!)

2.VPK Model Seder on Tuesday, April 8th @ 10:30.

3. Last day of school before Spring Break is Friday, April 11th.

4. Spring Break is from Saturday, April 12th – Tuesday, April 22nd.  School resumes on Wednesday, April 23rd.

5. Field Trip to Diamond D (hayrides, petting animals, nature walk and lots of other fun activities) the week of May 5th. Mark your calendars! More information to come! 🙂

6. Memorial DayNo School on Monday, May 26th!

7. Please check folders daily to make sure, that you are aware of all events and other information that is happening in VPK.

Here is my favorite VPK quote of the week:

“Something is mixed up with something else!” 🙂

Please email me anytime, if you have any questions, concerns, etc. (aroden@dubowpreschool.org)

VPK Rocks!

Thank you everyone for ALL that you do,

Ms. Ashley & Ms. Robin 🙂