Splish, Splash, water play day!

Last week was a hot one, and the students loved cooling off during our water play time on Thursday! They ran through the sprinklers, threw balls into the pools, slid down the slides into the water and sprayed each other. We enjoyed our snack time with popsicles outside before getting dry and changed. Our Camp Ki Tov children will enjoy water play every morning!

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We are getting serious about practicing for our end of the year ceremony on Tuesday, June 2! Tzeeporim children are learning, rehearsing, growing, and getting ready! Please practice their individual Ten Commandment parts with them over the next week at home. Thanks!

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We have been playing “Word Worm” in the mornings to continue sounding out three and four letter words, and they enjoy figuring out new words! The game contains movable letters to form small words like, dig, big, dip, sad, bug, but, bud, can, etc.


One of the things the children love to do these days is take care of the classroom plants. They take turns dipping a cotton ball into some water, squeezing it, and wiping off the leaves, one by one. This is great for fine motor skill tuning, since they only use their thumbs, index and middle fingers. It also lets them take care of their own environment and check the soil to see if the plants need watering.

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A group of children explaining the sculpture-making process:)

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The children drew a picture of a fish after reading the digital book Fish is Fish, by Leo Lionni. They had to begin with 3 shapes: an oval, a triangle and a circle. Then they added the watery habitat.

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We are practicing recognizing, spelling, and writing our first and last names. What progress!

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This week’s Ema is Anna and the Aba is Andrewsha. Our Show and Tell team is Teagan and Madyson.


Important Dates:

May 22– Bikurrim Festival- All children are to dress in all white for this special festival. Please send in a can of fruit to donate to the food pantry.

May 25– No School / No Kids Club- Memorial Day/Shavuot

June 1– Final dress rehearsal- please arrive on time:) Sophia’s birthday celebration at 11:00am in our room:)

June 2– Moving Up Ceremony- 10:30 AM. This program will take place in the gym. This is our last day of school. We will begin school at 8:30, as usual, but, we will have noon dismissal. Kids Club is available from 12:00-6:00 with a reservation.

How can it be the end of this school year already? We have truly loved spending each day with your beautiful children and miss them already:)