Simchat Torah


This week has been artful and and filled with song in celebration of Simchat Torah.IMG_0557

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We spent time in the synagogue during Jewish Studies, and learned about the creation of the earth. The children made colored flags which they proudly held while we marched around 7 times, representing the 7 days of Bereshit.

The children have enjoyed, to say the least, using shaving cream on the tables to practice letter writing! They love to squish it between their fingers, smooth it on the table top and use their fingers to draw and write. It’s a memorable way to practice writing. We have been focusing on the letters U, W, M, N, T and R most recently, as we study a certain cluster of letters for a period of time based on their familiarity with the letters.

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Important dates:


October 20th-Vision Screening

November 7- Parent conferences. Thank you for sending in your response to Robin and me as soon as you can.


November 13- Publix field trip. (This is more fun than it sounds!) Please let us know as soon as possible if you can drive to the Publix (next to Target).


December 15 River Garden trip for Hanukah performance.