Shining Stars and Mitzvah Stars

Shalom All,

What a super week filled with imagination!

We began by reviewing rhymes with games and poems.

img_1296 img_1299 img_1308

We learned about punctuation and our sight word of the week was the.


We reviewed the rules for staying healthy and learned the spelling for yes and no by working in our Scholastic “Let’s Find Out” booklets.


We read the book The Rainbow Fish and used this as the starting point for a lesson about ways in which we can be a good friend.


We then wrote in our journals about being a good friend.


In science we learned about how bees make honey.

img_1555 img_1554

We read about bees and then worked on order of events worksheets to practice our number recognition and sequencing.


We learned about subtraction with apples…


You guessed it- ROSH HASHANA is on its way! We read Sammy the Spider’s First Rosh Hashana.



We had a special guest this week- Tommy from Shining Stars- a dramatic arts workshop. He worked with us on emotions and expressions!

img_1309 img_1311 img_1313 img_1316 img_1323 img_1324 img_1325 img_1327 img_1330 img_1331 img_1332 img_1333 img_1334 img_1335 img_1340

In P.E. we played parachute games.


We worked on a class project…



Stay tuned to find out what it is… Hint: It has to do with Rosh Hashana.

In Jewish Studies, we read a story about apples and learned Rosh Hashana songs.

img_1354 img_1355 img_1356img_1564

Our letter of the week was “O”.


We strengthened our fine motor skills by working on lacing and play dough projects…


As well as by cutting and pasting- and we added in some math as well by sorting shapes.

img_1572 img_1573

We had music and focused on our listening skills!

img_1571 img_1570

We created Thinking of You cards to be sent to people in the community who are at nursing homes and don’t have family to visit them! This makes each one of us a Mitzvah Star!

img_1568 img_1574

Our number of the week was 5.

img_1378 img_1379 img_1381 img_1386 img_1385 img_1384 img_1383img_1387

Our Mystery Reader this week was Emma’s sister Chloe!


We celebrated Emma’s birthday with a class party!

img_1372 img_1374

Rafael and Emma led us as our Aba and Ema Shabbat!

img_1390 img_1397 img_1405

This was our best week EVER… Until next week!

Upcoming Dates to Remember

***THIS WEEK****

Tuesday, September 27th– Picture Day for our VPK class

Wednesday, September 28th– Apples with Aba 8:15-9:00am

Friday, September 30th– Class Pictures

Friday, September 30th– Shabbat 10:00am Ema: Hannah   Aba: Max


Monday and Tuesday, October 3rd and 4th- School Closed for Rosh Hashana

Friday, October 7th- Shabbat 10:00am   Ema: Milly Aba:  Zachary

Tuesday, October 11th- noon dismissal for Erev Yom Kippur

Wednesday, October 12th- School Closed for Yom Kippur

Monday and Tuesday, October 17th-18th– School Closed for Sukkot

Friday, October 21st– All School Shabbat 10:00 am Ema: Abigail   Aba: Jordan

Monday and Tuesday, October 24th and 25th– School Closed for Shemini Atzeret and Simhat Torah

Friday, October 28th– Shabbat 10:00am   Ema: Lily Pop   Aba: Dillon

Friday, November 4th– Shabbat 10:00am Ema: Hannah   Aba: Max

Monday, November 7th– School Closed for Parent Teacher Conferences

Friday, November 11th– Shabbat 10:00am- Ema: Emma   Aba: Rafael

Monday, November 14th– School Closed, Teacher In-Service Day

Friday, November 18th– Shabbat 10:00am Ema: Milly   Aba: Zachary

Tuesday, November 22nd – Thanksgiving Program 10:30am

Wednesday,Thursday and Friday November 23rd-25th– School closed for Thanksgiving

Please remember, if you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email me at or you can call the preschool office to speak with me.

Have a Great Week!


Ms. Suzie & Ms. Melissa