Rainbows, Voting, and Turkeys- oh my!

Shalom all!

First, a few reminders:

The weather is changing! We have enjoyed discussing this as we learn about weather. This also means that it is getting colder outside. Please be sure to send your child dressed appropriately since we will be going outside for recess each day unless the weather drops to 50 degrees or below or it is raining. We ask that you be sure to send a sweatshirt or jacket in.

Also, we ask that you refer to our school sickness policy. If your child has a fever, rash with open sores, diarrhea, or vomiting, they may not come to school. Please wait for 24 hours symptom free before returning to school.

The appropriate shoes for a preschool child is closed toe and non-slip. Children who bring shoes to change into are missing part of recess at the beginning and part of class time at the end. Sneakers are preferred because we encourage gross motor development and outdoor activities. 

Now- on to the fun stuff!

I have just been made aware that due to technical difficulties, the previous blog about the exciting adventures including rainbows, light, Noah, and the Petting Zoo that visited did not publish properly. It is too good to miss, so I will be including it in this blog to ensure that you enjoy all that we have experienced.


Ms. Melissa is the science experiment guru in our class. She used a mirror, a glass of water, and sunlight to show us how rainbows can be created.


img_3127 img_3128 img_3129

In science, Ms. Amanda taught us about how shadows are created and we made puppet shows in shadow boxes.

img_3134 img_3135 img_3136 img_3137

We also got to play with the light table and created pictures with sand and our imagination.

img_3341 img_3342 img_3343 img_3344 img_3345 img_3346

We read the book Mouse Paint and talked about colors. The primary colors- red, yellow, blue- and the secondary colors that they create when combined- orange, green, and purple!

img_3206img_3138  img_3142 img_3150 img_3159


We used our paint bags to practice writing letters and numbers. img_3337

We are still working on our letter recognition and phonological awareness by matching the sounds in words.

img_3207  img_3211 img_3212 img_3213

Ms. Melissa helps us to recharge our brains to think the best we can! We listen to and follow the instructions she gives.


Hanah’s mom was a mystery reader the week that Hannah was the Ema and Max was the Aba for Shabbat.img_3214 img_3222 img_3228

While talking about rainbows… we tied in the story of Noah and the ark. We reinforced the story with our Noah and the animals matching game…


… And built our own Ark for snack!


We read the book, “Duck for President” on election day. We learned about voting. We voted for snack, for the next activity, and what we would do in small group. We talked about how everyone got to pick their choice, although not every choice would win. In the end, we love and respect each other no matter which snack or activity won by getting the MOST votes.


In preparation for Thanksgiving, we had a visit from the petting zoo and their star turkey, Big Red.


We saw all sorts of animals.

img_3362 img_3363 img_3364 img_3366 img_3371 img_3372 img_3373 img_3374 img_3376 img_3377 img_3380 img_3381

We also got to spend one on one time with Big Red.

img_3382 img_3383 img_3384 img_3385 img_3386 img_3387 img_3388 img_3389 img_3391

We observed Veterans Day and stood at attention for a full minute after reciting our daily Pledge of Allegiance. We made Thanksgiving cards and pictures for veterans and our older friends at the day school distributed them to area veterans. We all did a mitzvah!



Lily Pop’s mom was a mystery reader.

img_3457 img_3460

And Rafa and Emma were Aba and Ema Shabbat!


We have been making crafts and learning about Thanksgiving.

img_3638img_3440 img_3640 img_3641 img_3642



We continue to practice our emergent writing by dictating for our journals and drawing the corresponding pictures.


We practice our names…


And our numbers.


We rehearsed for our Thanksgiving program in the sanctuary


We read books with a Thanksgiving theme all week long.

img_3650 img_3651

Dillon’s mom was a mystery reader.


And Milly and Zachary were our Ema and Aba Shabbat!

img_3585 img_3588

These have been the best weeks EVER… Until next week!

Upcoming Dates to Remember:

Tuesday, November 22nd – Thanksgiving Program 10:30am in the Sanctuary followed by our Feast

Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday November 23rd-25th– School closed for Thanksgiving

Friday, December 2nd- Shabbat 10:00am Ema: Abigail  Aba: Jordan

Friday, December 9th- Shabbat 10:00am  Ema: Lily Pop  Aba: Dillon

Tuesday, December 13th 6:15-7:15pm- Chanukah Program

Friday, December 16th- Shabbat 10:00am  Ema: Hannah  Aba: Max

December 19th- January 2nd- School Closed for Winter Break


Please remember should you ever have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me at (904)292-1000, extension 143 or email me at spollak@dubowpreschool.org.

We look forward to celebrating with you all on Tuesday!


Ms. Suzie & Ms. Melissa