Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

Hello families & friends!

     Here are all of the magical moments from our last few days in VPK!

Coach Rebecca had our last P.E. resource in the gym! She had us warm up with lots of fun music, then we played basketball and freeze tag!  Thank you Coach Rebecca, for such a fun and exciting year in P.E.!! 🙂


IMG_5081IMG_5082IMG_5083                  IMG_5084


Ms. Silvia who works with the little ones in Doobonim, borrowed lots of wonderful art supplies from the Cummer Art Museum! Huge rollers & kid friendly stampers, helped us to create murals! Everyone had a complete blast, being able to push the huge paint rollers and make lots of designs with the stamps! Such a FUN & great hands-on activity! Thank you Ms. Silvia for making this wonderful experience possible! 🙂


IMG_5088                                     IMG_5099


IMG_5102                  IMG_5103

IMG_5089                                     IMG_5090

IMG_5091                  IMG_5101

IMG_5092                                     IMG_5094

IMG_5095                                     IMG_5098

IMG_5097                  IMG_5105

Our last Mystery Reader session for the year was from Nina’s mom, she read two books to us, Momma Built a Little Nest & The Night Before Kindergarten!  The Little Nest book had all of the students quite  engaged throughout the story, they were able to learn about different types of birds.  The Kindergarten book helped everyone to get an idea of what to except when they start school in August.  Thank you so much Nina’s mom, for being our last ever Mystery Reader!! 🙂


Here are a few pictures from Shabbat!

IMG_5144                  IMG_5146

This is our Ema & Aba from our Shabbat!


Everyone had a wonderful time at our little end of the year celebration! We decorated cookies with delicious goodies, played on the playground, and had lots of fun with sidewalk chalk! Lots of FUN, was had by everyone!! 🙂


IMG_5163IMG_5164IMG_5165IMG_5167IMG_5168                                     IMG_5169

IMG_5170                                     IMG_5171

IMG_5172                                     IMG_5180

IMG_5181                                     IMG_5182

IMG_5174                  IMG_5175



We asked everyone, “When I grow up, I want to be…” The responses surprised us and amazed us!! Interesting to hear their reasoning behind, their “career goal!!” Be on the lookout for all of these wonderful dreamers!                                                                                                                                           “And will you succeed?  Yes! You will, indeed! (98 and 3/4 percent guaranteed.)  Kid, You’ll Move Mountains!” -Dr. Seuss 🙂


Walking to the Moving Up Ceremony!


Celebrating after a wonderful Moving Up Ceremony, with lots of big bear hugs, silliness, and endless amounts of laughter! Everyone did a fabulous job singing & doing all of the motions for the songs.  Not to mention, reciting the Ten Commandments and Their Favorite Part of VPK!                                Awesome work everyone!!!! 🙂


IMG_5234                                     IMG_5225

IMG_5227                  IMG_5231

IMG_5228                                     IMG_5229

Dads and Doughnuts was a great bonding activity, for all of the little ones! They were able to eat doughnut holes and drink orange juice, while watching the end of the year slideshow! Lots of great memories were made! BIG thank you to all of the wonderful dads, who were able to make this special event! Happy Father’s Day!!! 🙂





IMG_5250                  IMG_5112



Here are a few pictures of everyone from Shabbat!

IMG_5253                                     IMG_5252


Giving everyone hugs and saying “see you later” to all of our friends in VPK!! 🙂




      Thank you so incredibly much to everyone (parents & siblings), who came to our little corner of the world and surprised us with being a Mystery Reader! All of the reactions of pure joy, was simply priceless! Everyone enjoyed having the weekly surprise of a new reader to our class! We loved the moments when your session, became a mini lesson on a particular topic!! Thank you everyone, for sharing your love of reading with all of us! 🙂

IMG_1956IMG_2022IMG_2057IMG_2291IMG_2407IMG_2447IMG_2471IMG_2590IMG_2675IMG_2811IMG_3041IMG_3213IMG_3315IMG_3377IMG_3499IMG_3680IMG_3755IMG_3761IMG_3763IMG_3787IMG_3915IMG_4177IMG_4534    IMG_4995IMG_4868IMG_4959IMG_4962IMG_4031

     The school year is now complete and everyone is off for summer break, with all of their families and friends!  Although everyone has left, the memories stay and linger behind! Childhood is calling…

IMG_5282                  IMG_5283

     Thank you everyone for a wonderful and successful school year! It was truly a pleasure to be able to nurture your child on a daily basis, and watch first hand their social, academic, and emotional changes throughout the year!  I hold near to me, countless memories from all the precious little ones!  As well as, many lifelong friendships were formed between four and five year olds!! 🙂

     Ms. Robin and I explained to all of the students on the last day of school, that it was the last day in VPK with everyone!  We have two awesome responses from that: “I can FaceTime you!” – Liam and “See you at Publix!” -Nina.  Please don’t be a stranger & let us know how you are doing! 🙂

Good luck everyone in Kindergarten and beyond!

Oh, the Places You’ll Go!

VPK Rocks!

Thank you everyone for ALL that you do,

Ms. Ashley & Ms. Robin 🙂