New Month

Greetings Tzeeporim families!

We have been exploring Fall leaves, the season’s weather, colors associated with Fall and art-related projects. The students spelled out the colors of Fall leaves as a whole group activity-they love taking turns writing on the dry erase board, as it is usually reserved for only teachers to write on:)


This week we enjoyed a visit from the petting zoo! This experience is an obvious highlight for children, and we followed up the activity with some animal alphabet games, books, and songs. Petting, brushing, feeding and caring for these animals came after our Jewish Studies class, where Morah Miriam taught the children about Rivka’s great care and kindness for animals, which was how she came to be Isaac’s wife.

IMG_0316IMG_0315IMG_0307IMG_0306IMG_0313IMG_0302IMG_0308IMG_0309IMG_0300IMG_0299Here are a few more pictures of our VPK goings-on for you to enjoy:)


Remember your scheduled date for our conference for this Friday; if you need a reminder of your time slot, please call Dina in the office. Ms. Robin and I can’t wait to share with you how great your children are doing so far this year:) They are all truly delightful.


See you soon:)