L’shana Tova

As you know, we have a couple of short weeks of school to celebrate Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur. Our class is still busy learning so much, enjoying great activities and exploring! Ms. Amanda, our wonderful science teacher, demonstrated the makeup of the Earth’s layers using rocks, colored wool and a felting process. The children wrapped the rock with the wool to represent the inner core, the mantle and the land and water, and the children loved it. They will take home their spheres on Wednesday, as they represent the celebration of the Earth’s birthday.

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Enjoying Shabbat!

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Our class is doing so well remembering to be careful when it comes to spreading germs! Last week we began to enforce better hand-washing techniques (ask your child to sing the hand-washing song to you!) and they know to cough into their elbows to avoid contaminating hands. We teach them that germs are everywhere, but if we’re careful, we can reduce the spread of germs that cause sickness.

To increase fine motor skills, we have been using thinner pencils, as well as Q-tips and similar things to draw and paint. This helps children focus on detail, slow down when creating or writing, and builds interest since they are unusual tools. Also, we have been using lacing cards to fine tune these skills, and the children enjoy the challenge.

We also started a theme of color mixing and art projects based on the book Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh. It’s a simple, yet fun story about white mice that accidentally mix primary colors together when they jump into jars of paint. The children used their bare feet to mix paint on paper on the floor, just as the mice did in the book, and they loved it!





A huge Todah Rabah to those families who have, or will, participate(d) in the mystery Reader program! The students love guessing who the surprise guest will be and the stories that have been read leave a lasting impression!



Important dates:

September 24- Noon Dismissal- Erev Rosh Hashanah: Kid’s Club is available with a reservation.

September 25 & 26- No School/ No Kids Club- Rosh Hashanah

October 3- Erev Yom Kipper- Noon Dismissal. Kid’s Club available with a reservation

October 8- Erev Sukkot- Noon Dismissal- Kid’s Club available with a reservation

October 9-10: Sukkot- Preschool Closed

October 15- Simchat Torah Celebration (10 AM) and Preschool Noon Dismissal- Kids Club available with a reservation

October 16-17- No School- Simchat Torah

Thursday, November 13th at 10:30-Publix field trip!- Looking for parent drivers. More info to follow.