Let them be little…

Greetings families & friends!

     During Jewish Studies we started learning all about the holiday Purim, that we will celebrate on Sunday, March 16th! The students are all quite interested in all of the details of the holiday…the celebration, the food, as well as the songs! At the school we will celebrate with a Purim Carnival on March 16th and on Monday, March 17th we will all come to school dressed up in costume for Purim!!! (Don’t forget to mark your calendars for these two special ways to help celebrate Purim!) 🙂


IMG_3235  IMG_3234


Science Resource this week was amazing and “out of this world!!!”  Ms. Nancy and Mr. Greg came ready with lots of interactive hands-on age appropriate activities and experiences for the little ones! Each child was able to go to three different stations during the resource, they went “buggy” for the nano bugs and the plastic nano bug tubes, the super cool iPad that had the students maneuvering a real life small ball that moved based simply on the students touch on the iPad (very cool to see the students coordination based on the speed & directions given), and the amazing drone that was controlled by Mr. Greg’s iPhone.  All of the students absolutely loved & throughly enjoyed the three different stations!! 🙂

IMG_3238  IMG_3244

IMG_3249              IMG_3250




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During P.E. Coach Marla had us “jumping” for joy over the hurdles!! Everyone learned to take their time & to have patience, with each jump! (Several students were quite serious during the jumping & hopping!) 🙂

IMG_3258                       IMG_3259

We had a very special visit from Mr. Keith who works for the Jewish Family and Children’s Services.  He taught the students how to stand, how to speak, and how to control your body when you are communicating verbally or nonverbally with other students or adults.  Making sure that when you speak to someone that your hands are not covering your mouth and that you speak loud enough for someone to hear you.  He even demonstrated to the students about projecting your voice from across the room! As well as, when you are talking to someone or when someone is talking to you…making sure your body language and voice is appropriate for the conversation. (He asked the students, “how would you ask your mom & dad for something?” “would you ask them looking down at the ground and mumble or would you ask like a big boy and girl?)  Excellent lesson for all of the students on how they should communicate with everyone around them! *Please continue this and other simple exercises at home!  You’ll be amazed at how quickly they grasp the concept and stay engaged!! 🙂

IMG_3261     IMG_3264

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(They were told to “act” like you are sad!)


(They were told to “act” like you are mad!)

Letter of the Week was “Ii” for igloo! All of the students are becoming more independent with their activities…just for this one activity the students had to write, glue, color, cut, and finally glue to complete the activity! Great job everyone focusing on your work!! 🙂







We had another session of Musical Chairs, since we were not able to go outside because of the cold and rainy weather! The students were engaged and throughly enjoyed cheering on their friends, once they were out of the game! (As you can see even with one chair left, they were focused and dancing!) *The reward for everyone participating and playing fair, was a sticker and a small rock. We congratulated the students on their behavior and told them that…. “Everyone Rocked!!” 🙂



We’ve been discussing with the students how everyone is different and how everything about YOU is special and unique!!! They were told to simply draw a self-portrait, making sure to include everything about them! (Quite interesting how they see themselves!) 🙂



Here is two students demonstrating with a Mr. Potato head another version of a self-portrait!   Plus, a view of our “new” room! 🙂



We’ve started preparing for Purim! We made “fancy” masks with colorful feathers and super cool designs from markers! We can’t wait to wear them! 🙂



We had a special visit from Police Office Nancy! She showed us everything about her police car, even letting us sit in the back seat and “pretend” to drive the car! Office Nancy made the lights flash and the sirens go off! Plus, she showed us her important handcuffs.  The students were thrilled to see and talk with Officer Nancy!! Thank you Officer Nancy for taking the time to come visit with us! 🙂

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IMG_3304     IMG_3305







Our Mystery Reader this week was Liam’s dad! He read two books to us, Liam’s favorite book “If I had a Robot!” and his family’s favorite book “Naughty Little Monkeys.” All of the little ones truly enjoyed all of the silly antics that in sued with the monkeys! Thank you so much Liam’s dad for reading two super funny books to us!! 🙂


Three firefighters came with their enormous firetruck to show us, truly what it takes to be a firefighter! They showed us each section of the firetruck, all of the long hoses, the big “scissors” (Which are used for car accidents.), the huge ladder, and the heavy gear that they have to put on when they get an emergency call!! Thank you firefighters from fire station 51! 🙂


IMG_3323    IMG_3324


IMG_3326    IMG_3327




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This is our Ema & Aba from our Shabbat!  (Our Aba was a fill-in, for a friend.)                      Plus, our Ema had a special guest! 🙂



Here we were singing and dancing during Shabbat services! 🙂

IMG_3344                       IMG_3345


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We had two Share Chair sessions for the Letter of the Week and the Student of the Week.  The Student of the Week shared with us his love of the movie Despicable Me 2, how likes to play with hammers & sports, he sleeps with his stuffed bunny, and his love for his mom & dad! Our Letter of the Week (Ii) brought in a drawing of an ice-cream and igloo, and a alphabet flashcard which had an iguana on it! Super job sharing with us! 🙂

IMG_3355                       IMG_3356

All good things, must come to an end! We had our final “mail call” for letters, notes, cards, and other messages for the month!  Each day that we read the surprise messages from our brothers, sisters, moms, dads, grandmas, grandpas, and one day special day a note from a dog…the students were thrilled beyond belief to be receiving something special that was written especially for them! Thank you so very much to everyone who made this month long surprise quite special for your little one!!!! 🙂

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IMG_3359                       IMG_3360

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Inside the Classroom Info:

Letter of the Week: Jj (Brennan will be sharing with us this Friday, all about the letter J.)

Show & Tell: Please have your child draw a picture of their favorite farm animal, making sure to have them write their name and write the type of animal on the paper. Everyone should be ready to bring this for Show & Tell on Friday, March 7th! 

Ema & Aba: Chava & Noam

The Farm Concert is our read aloud book from March 3rd – 14th.

*Parents our word wall words are: cow, dog, duck, farmer, frog, pig, and sheep.  Please discuss with your child what letter each word starts with and what sound does it make.*

Few tidbits:

1. If you would like to be a Mystery Reader, please come see me or email me to sign up for a slot.  All surprise readings take place on Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. (We have a handful of spots left for the rest of the year!)

 2. Field Trip to The Cummer Museum of Art & Gardens on Wednesday, March 5th from 9:00 – 11:30. (All field trip money is due by Monday, March 3rd.  We will be eating lunch at school at our regular time.  Please make sure that your child is at school by 8:30, to be ready to leave on the bus at 9:00.)
3. Community University will be on Sunday, March 9th.  (Check your child’s folder for more information on this exciting family interactive day of learning!)
4. Daylight Savings Time will be on Sunday, March 9th. Don’t forget to move your clocks forward one hour! Hooray for extra hours of sunshine! 🙂
5. Purim Carnival will be on Sunday, March 16th from 10:30 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. (Please help by signing up to volunteer your time and talents to this wonderful event.)
6. Purim Celebration in the Preschool will be on Monday, March 17th!  Everyone come to school in costume!!! 🙂
7. VPK Model Seder on Friday, April 11th at 11:00.
8. Please check folders daily to make sure, that you are aware of all events and other information that is happening in VPK.
Here is my favorite VPK quote of the week:
A little one was sitting inside of the firetruck and loudly said “firemen do you use all of this stuff?!”
To which the fireman laughed and said “Yes, of course!” 🙂
Please email me anytime, if you have any questions, concerns, etc. (aroden@dubowpreschool.org)
VPK Rocks!
Thank you everyone!
Ms. Ashley & Ms. Robin 🙂