Happy “Thanks-Givukkah” Week!

Happy Monday!

This is going to be a SUPER quick, short, but FUN three day week!

All of the students are thrilled to have guests come this Wednesday, November 27th, at 10:30, for our Intergenerational Day!  There will lots of singing, creating a small craft (for our field trip to River Garden next week), eating delicious food that we’ve made, and making memories with everyone!  You don’t want to miss it! 🙂

**Reminder we are dismissing from school on Wednesday, November 27th, at noon! No school on Thursday, November 28th and November 29th!!**

Today, we were busy little cooks, making our delicious muffins, that we are sharing with all of our guests on Wednesday!! Check out some of our impressive cooking skills!


We had so much fun today in Science! Everyone was able to “build” their own paper airplane to fly!

IMG_2179 IMG_2180IMG_2181IMG_2182


Thank you so much to everyone that brought in their Tzedakkah bottles, filled with money that will go towards purchasing turkeys for families for Thanksgiving!  Thank you!!! 🙂



Here is our Ema and Aba, from this past Friday!



Since this is such a short week, we will not have a Student of the Week or a Letter of the Week! Max shared some of his favorite things and Nathan shared super cool items that started with the letter “Ff.” Great job, Max & Nathan!! 🙂


The DuBow Preschool Hanukkah Program is Monday, December 2nd, at 5:30.  We have been busy practicing all of our songs, to get ready for our program.  You don’t want to miss it!

IMG_2062 IMG_2184


* We need one parent to come on Tuesday, December 3rd, and help one of our parents make jelly doughnuts for our class for the Hanukkah Party, please see me or send me an email if you are able to help out!!*

* We are going to River Garden to perform our Hanukkah musical on Wednesday, December 4th.  We need several drives to help us out with this exciting field trip! The more drivers the better.*

**If anyone has any extra grocery bags around the house, then please bring some in for us to use.**

Ms. Robin & I, are thankful for amazing students and fabulous parents in our class this year! Thank you everyone for all that you do!! 🙂

Happy early “Thanks-Givukkah!!!!”

Ms. Ashley & Ms. Robin 🙂