Happy Passover!

Hello families & friends!

     The past few weeks we’ve been busy preparing for Passover! Making Matzah from rubbing a crayon on a circle surface, using watercolors to make an Afikomen, and creating our own Seder Plate!!! All of the students loved being able to create each item that helps to represent Passover! Ms. Robin & I wish everyone a Happy Passover!! 🙂


IMG_4028                  IMG_3994

IMG_3854                                     IMG_3855

IMG_4023                                     IMG_4024

IMG_4025                                     IMG_3884



     During Science Ms. Kelly taught us all about “propulsion”, and how it relates to what rocket ships do when they blast off into space! Each student was able to push down on an air pump, which then pumped air into a plastic bottle containing water.  When the bottle was filled with air, it then moved the water rocket! The students were really intrigued by the water rockets moving, with just the push of the air pump! 🙂



IMG_4105                                     IMG_4106

IMG_4107                  IMG_4108



 We had a great time playing outside in the gorgeous weather!! Sadly we had to “uproot” our plants that had died during the days that is was freezing. 🙂



IMG_4118                  IMG_4117


Our friendly frog Pointdexter, has been helping us learn all about being a friend!! He taught us that we should always tell an adult if someone is bullying us or someone we know! (Great conversation to continue at home with your child, about how to be a good friend…and what qualities make up a good friend! You would be amazed at how quickly they pick up this concept.  We even told everyone to be on the lookout for bullying, and to report it to Ms. Robin or myself!) 🙂




Everyone was dressed up and ready to go to our VPK Model Seder!

IMG_4137                                     IMG_4138

We had a special activity with our VPK Buddies in the Library! All of the fourth/fifth graders brought I-pads to see their buddies! They had to discuss with the VPK students to find out what they both like (similar) and what are the differences! Great conversations during the interactive activity!

FUN was had by everyone! 🙂



Here are the final pictures of our Parsley! The tallest plants belonged to Romy & Noam! (Throughout the few weeks, everyone truly enjoyed watering and checking on their little Parsley plant!) *Please keep us posted as to how your child’s plant is doing at home!* 🙂



Coach Rebecca was back in P.E. this week, and she introduced us to a brand new game! It was the squirrel and tree game. (Very similar to London Bridges falling down meets Red Rover!) Everyone enjoyed learning how to play a new game with all of their friends! 🙂


IMG_4170                  IMG_4171


IMG_4173                  IMG_4174


We had a terrific Mystery Reader session from Chava’s dad! He read two books: Barbie The Lost Dolphin and Sesame Street I spy with my little eye!  Afterwards the students enjoyed playing several rounds of “I Spy!” Thank you Chava’s dad for coming to read to us!!! 🙂


Since it is Spring Time, we once again planted in our little garden! Everyone grabbed a mini shovel and got to work! Digging holes for the new plants, looking for worms, and watering our plants! We will keep you posted, so you are able to see our two cucumbers, one squash, one yellow bell sweet pepper, and one giant marconi sweet pepper as they grow!! (As you can tell everyone was quite excited about planting in the garden!) 🙂


IMG_4182                                     IMG_4183



IMG_4187                                     IMG_4188

IMG_4189                                     IMG_4191


IMG_4192                  IMG_4190

Everyone was involved in cleaning their cubby before we left for Spring Break! Then everyone said their “goodbyes” and “Happy Passover!” 🙂

IMG_4199                                     IMG_4202

 For our Share Chair session we had our Letter of the Week, which was “Yy.”  He brought in yarn, yellow letters, egg yolk, and yogurt for everyone to enjoy! Thank you for a great Share Chair session & the surprise treat!! 🙂


We had so much FUN, with the traveling frog! He was able to play musical chairs with us and attend services with everyone! 🙂

IMG_4230                                     IMG_4231

On the way to Shabbat services, we were lucky enough to see our VPK Buddies for a few minutes!

IMG_4232                               IMG_4233


Here are a few pictures of everyone during services! While we were there, we even got to name our frog that travels around the country! His name is “Fievel!” 🙂




This is our Ema & Aba from our Shabbat!


We all were “treated” to a very special surprise, from our Share Chair friend!  Since the Letter of the Week was “Yy,” he brought everyone in a strawberry flavored Yogurt!!! Thank you for the Sweet treat!! 🙂





Inside the Classroom Info:

Letter of the Week: Kk (Noam will be sharing with us this Friday, all about the letter K.)

Ema & Aba: Adam & Chloe

Few tidbits:

1. If you would like to be a Mystery Reader, please come see me or email me to sign up for a slot.  All surprise readings take place on Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. (We currently have May 1st, May 8th, and May 22nd available.  If you haven’t had an opportunity this year and are not able to make the Thursdays at 10:00, then please email me and we will work together to make it happen!)

2.Spring Break is from Saturday, April 12th – Tuesday, April 22nd.  School resumes on Wednesday, April 23rd.

3. Field Trip to Diamond D (hayrides, petting animals, nature walk and lots of other fun activities) the week of May 5th. Mark your calendars! More information to come! 🙂

5. Spring Picture WeekMay 5th – 9th. (Be on the lookout for more information in your child’s folder!)

6. Mother’s Day Shabbat & Tea will be on Friday, May 9th @ 11:00.

7. No School–Parent/Teacher Conferences will be on Friday, May 23rd.  Kids Club only by reservation! (Stay tuned for more information!)

8. No School–Memorial Day will be on Monday, May 26th!

9. Last Day of School is Friday, June 6th @ noon!

10. Please check folders daily to make sure, that you are aware of all events and other information that is happening in VPK.

Here is my favorite VPK quote of the week:

“I’m full of questions!”-Max 🙂

Please email me anytime, if you have any questions, concerns, etc. (aroden@dubowpreschool.org)

VPK Rocks!

Thank you everyone for ALL that you do,

Ms. Ashley & Ms. Robin 🙂