Fall is here

Greetings families!

It was a pleasure speaking with parents during conferences recently. Robin and I appreciate your care, involvement, and communication regarding your children!

We enjoyed the Publix field trip; the children had a blast as they were allowed to walk into the freezer. They learned about how each department handles delivery, packaging, processing and selling all items. Thank you to all parents who were able to drive and attend.

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It was wonderful having Sophia’s mom as the mystery reader last week! She read a fairy tale in Russian from a book of stories from around the world. She then taught the class a few Russian words, and they loved it! Afterwards, Andrewsha was our Show and Tell person.



The students focused on words beginning with the letters A and N, and practiced writing and tracing short words, such as and, apple, ant, and Nan (a character in our Bob Books). We have also been practicing role-playing certain scenarios to discuss the right kind of responses. Using calm words, instead of hitting, yelling, or hurting feelings is the goal:) You may find coloring sheets coming home listing some of our good characteristics, such as “I used self-control”, “I am kind”, or “I chose to discuss”.




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We continue to work hard on learning more about the season Fall. We have been painting pictures of pumpkins, creating a book of Fall words and images in nature, and getting ready for the Thanksgiving performance on November 26th. Thanks to all for sending in some containers to turn into drums! We begin designing them right away. We also have been creating feathers for our Wampanoag head bands using paint to print patterns.







We read One Little, Two Little, Three Little Pilgrims and we are enjoying learning the roles the children had during the time of the first Thanksgiving, around 1621, including chopping firewood, hunting and fishing, and gathering food with women. The students were shocked to find out that children their age work(ed) this hard.


Our VPK buddies came back to enjoy another Thanksgiving-themed project with our class. A fifth-grader read a special Thanksgiving book first,  I know and old lady who swallowed a pie,  and the group gave her the closest attention and courtesy.


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In Science this week, we made snow! Ms. Amanda discussed the seasons with the students and they saw pictures of snowflakes in a book. They created snow with a non-toxic polymer that absorbed the water in the bowl. They got to see “snow” form right before their eyes! We then made a snowflake rubbing with crayons.







Important dates: 

November 21- No School– Teacher In-Service Day. Kids club is available with a reservation.

November 26-   Thanksgiving Program  – 10:30 AM.

December 2- Hanukkah Parent Workshop-10:00 AM

December 15- VPK Trip to River Garden- Please let me know ASAP if you are available to drive for this trip

December 17- Preschool Hanukkah program – 5:45 PM

December 22- January 2- Winter Break- Winter Camp available