Butterfly life cycle

Last week was a huge celebration! Between Purim, our Cummer Museum field trip, and prepping for Kindergarten, these kids are busy!

Thursday’s Purim fun extended into a carnival in the gym, hosted by the middle school students. They played musical chairs, Plinko, ring toss, basketball, “Whack a Haman” and other games to earn prizes. The children loved it!

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We enjoyed having Elianah’s guest come to be our Mystery Reader: it was her dad! He read The Rainbow Fish, which is always well-received, and the lesson is still as valuable as ever. The children learn that being generous is always more important than outer beauty.

IMG_0802 IMG_0804 IMG_0806

Our special Shabbat celebration took place in our classroom, as did lunch. The children think that’s very special!

This week we are reading the famous The Very Hungry Caterpillar, by Eric Carle. The focus is the life cycle of the butterfly, springtime, and the caterpillar’s diet. In Science this week, Ms. Amanda introduced the children to a hands-on life cycle project in the garden. She used ping pong balls for the egg stage, colored rope for the caterpillars, and butterflies in silk bags to represent the chrysalis. The students loved this activity! Ms. Amanda always has the most engaging science lessons for us. We even found one monarch butterfly newly hatched!

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IMG_0827 IMG_0834 IMG_0837 IMG_0839 IMG_0840 IMG_0841 IMG_0843 IMG_0857

The letter of the week is W. The students love to find objects from around the room that begin with W and write the word out phonetically. Then they practiced cutting out the W objects and are getting so much better at using the scissors! This is very important for fine motor tuning.


Please make sure your child has Spring clothes and underwear in their cubby drawer. Thank you!

If your child goes to 3:30 carpool, please be prompt when picking up at this time. If your are running late, please call Dina.

Consider packing a cup in your child’s lunch box or backpack. That way, we throw away fewer plastic cups. Thanks!


Ms. Silvia and Ms. Robin


Important Dates:

March 12-Passover workshops. The following workshops will be offered: Session one- 7:00- Rabbi Tilman-  “The Hagagada”- Layout, Ideas, Grossman Room, Robin Morris- A Seder for Everyone- Keeping Adults and Children Engaged, Shorstein Room

Session Two- 8:00-  Mazal Spalter- The Idea of the “Exodus” in Jewish History, Grossman Room    Rabbi Jim Rogozen: Kosher for Passover- Preparing Your Kitchen, Shopping, Etc, Shorstein Room

This event is open to all adults in the community, no charge.

March 31- Hemming Plaza field trip.

April 1- VPK Passover Seder 10:30

Correction: Passover break is from April 3- April 12. April 3 is for camp by registration only (please see Dina). There is no camp or kids club on April 10.

Sunday April 26- Community University