Back to a full week of fun

Our first full week back to school started off very well. On Monday, we had a scavenger hunt in the garden, led by Ms. Amanda. She planted clues of different insects and arachnids for the children to find, collect and learn about the ways they benefit plant life. (They LOVED knowing that a worm’s excrement is very helpful to our garden.)  Some of us also tasted the green beans from our plot, and tried the green bell pepper during snack time.

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During Jewish Studies, Morah Rachel taught the children more about Noah’s Ark and about Bereshit (Genesis). We then created an edible ark from pound cake, chocolate pieces and animal crackers.

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We enjoyed printmaking this week, using paint, a roller, and Q-tips to draw certain letters in the wet paint on a flat, glass surface. The children then placed a piece of paper on top and pulled it off to reveal their print, or stamp. This is a fun and simple process! They learned that printing results in the mirror image, so only letters such as A, I, T, U, H, etc work:) These are some of our focus letters this week and next.

Some of your wonderful children are ready for reading sight words, so Ms. Robin and I are introducing small words for them to write, such as, Pig, Cup, Mug, etc. Bob Books are a great resource that we use in the classroom- the books and the iPad app.



We also chopped open a coconut on Wednesday after reading our book of the week, where the alphabet letters climb up a coconut tree. The children were curious about it, but not many were very enticed to eat it! We took a poll: 6 liked the Thai coconut, 6 did not (of these 6, 4 did not try it). But it was fun learning about the largest seed, where it comes from and how the inside looks. It has been a week of tasting all kinds of foods!

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Don’t forget:

A Schmear Over Here: VPK parents are invited to enjoy breakfast treats and a walk-through of Kindergarten, First and Second grade classes next Tuesday, October 28th at 9:00. Begins in the MJGDS library.

November 7th– Parent/teacher conferences: Please respond with your time confirmation by October 31rst.


Thank you!