An Outstanding Week!

This week our class started our journey through the alphabet with the letter O. We begin with the letter that was most recognized by students in their individual assessments. Everyone in our class knew this letter! What a great place to begin.

We honed our writing skills by tracing the letter O, dot painting the letter O, and making the letter O out of play dough and creating an octopus!

During our storytimes this week, we read four books by Bill Martin Jr. and Eric Carle. First we read Brown Bear, Brown Bear What Do You See? The class started to recite the words with me as I read them! They were truly familiar with this story! We added vocabulary words to our Word Wall and we snapped our fingers as we spelled out each word.


Then we read Panda Bear, Panda Bear, What Do You See? We were curious about panda bears so we read another book about them. We learned that panda bears live in the forest and that they eat bamboo all day long. We discussed how panda bears are different than brown bears, and some of our friends told us they have seen panda bears in a zoo!


The next day we read Polar Bear, Polar Bear What Do You Hear? We talked about how all these books are similar and different. We noted that the animals were using different senses in these books, and we have those senses too! We used those senses in the garden where we SAW weeds, TOUCHED the dirt. Ms. Heather showed us how to pull weeds from the root and we got to work! We weeded a whole garden bed to prepare it for planting soon.

In Music, Ms. Emily is teaching us how to play music together, rather than just making noise. We are getting better at following the beat with the rhythm sticks. Then we got to dance our hearts out!

The friends who stay for enrichment got to spend time with Ms. Gutterman at the day school. She taught us that the primary colors are red, yellow and blue. Every other color is made from just these three colors! We created our own popsicle artwork featuring primary and secondary colors.

Our shape of the week was a circle. We had a blast creating our collaborative artwork! We made lots and lots of circles, circle houses, and even circle robots.

We had a lovely guest as our Mystery Reader this week. She told us a story about Rosh Hashanah using pictures she created herself!







Our fantastic aba and ema lead us as we welcomed Shabbat.







This week, Show & Tell was an extension of our stories with more animals! A few friends brought in bears, others brought puppies and we even had a sea turtle! Each of us got to share the name of our stuffed animal and what we like about it. For next week’s Show & Tell, please bring in something yellow.


Please join us at Open House on Thursday September 7th from 7:15 til 8:30pm. We will chat about what we have to look forward to in VPK this year!


No School

Monday September 4th – Labor Day

Thursday and Friday September 21st and 22nd – Rosh Hashanah


We can’t wait until next week!

Ms. Alyse and Ms. Stephanie