All Your Own Teeth


Last week we had a Mystery Reader visit from Arseniy’s sister, Vera! She and their dad came and Vera read a book in Russian- Tedemok– and another in English called Calm Down, Boris. After that we had a special Shabbat celebration and lunch in our classroom!

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We are completing our art auction piece this week and the children have enjoyed learning about and viewing different cityscapes. This art work, among all the others created by the preschool children and teachers, will be available for auction at the Purim Festival on March 1.

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We read the books, Brush Your Teeth, Please and All Your Own Teeth this week and are learning ways to eat foods that yield great dental checkup reports:) Of course, the Tooth Fairy came into the conversation, and Ms. Robin and I shared stories of our Tooth Fairy experiences. The children used toothbrushes to paint yellow paper teeth. This resembled scraping off the plaque, and the white painted tooth looked like a clean, healthy tooth. Please check the folders for a tooth brushing chart and help your child check off the morning and/or evening spots:) You could even take a picture of them brushing or flossing at home and send it to us!

Our class is focusing on the healthy foods and lifestyle theme through the end of February ad we will have special visitors in the room: a dentist, a chef and a fitness expert to talk to the children about healthy bodies. We will also continue our Handwriting Without Tears books, which helps the children trace, write, color match and more. They love their ” green books”.

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We exercised in the hallway this week with hoops, balls, and a ball toss game, focusing on cardio workout, balance and coordination. Then we practiced for our Shoobee Doobee Shabbat program, mixed in with a bit of Purim storytelling in Jewish Studies.



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Our class is also working hard to be ready for Kindergarten by learning patience, listening the first time, congratulating a classmate when applicable and maintaining good body control. This is not easy for 4 and 5 year olds, so we also don’t have them sit for too long, and incorporate lots of exercise. (If only movement was built more into the day in middle school and high school!)

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Please check the board for this week’s Ema, Aba and Show and Tell person.

Tips for conversing with your children about their art work: To have them elaborate and describe their ideas, say, “Tell me about this part”, rather than, “What is this?” Then you could ask, “What made you think of that? How interesting.” Sometimes children don’t remember how they came to their brilliant ideas, but you can help trigger thought processes and great conversation.

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Important dates:

Just a friendly reminder: our school does not celebrate Valentine’s Day. Please limit cards or other holiday items to after school exchanges:) Thanks.

Tomorrow! February 12-Spring picture day

*February 16- No School/No Kids Club- Presidents Day

February 20- Shoobee Doobee Shabbat at 11:00am

March 1-Art auction/Purim festival- see Dina for details

March 4- new Cummer field trip date

March 5- Purim celebrated- come in costume!

March 31- Hemming Park field trip