“A person’s a person, no matter how small!”

Hello families & friends!

     We’ve been learning all about the Lifecycle of a Butterfly, from the book The Very Hungry Caterpillar! One of our friends brought in several pictures of real life butterflies, for us to check out! Thank you so much for sharing your super cool pictures with us! 🙂


     During Science with Mr. Greg the students were able to experiment with beakers and various colors, to then create a new bright color! Mr. Greg talked about what happens when you mix colors together, and had the students predicting which color would appear in their beaker.  Everyone loved this hands-on experiment! Great job, little scientists! 🙂

IMG_3827                                     IMG_3826



Our Letter of the Week was “Qq,” we quickly tore tissue paper to create a mini quilt! 🙂


IMG_3832                                     IMG_3833

     Since we’ve been learning all about insects, birds, and gardening as well as many other interesting things in our world…we learned all about Living & Nonliving things! We discussed what living things do and what non living things do not do! (i.e. Is a table a living thing? No, because it cannot breathe, grow, or eat and drink.) All of the students helped to complete our Living & Nonliving things chart!                   Great job, everyone! 🙂

IMG_3841                                     IMG_3843



     Everyone cut or tore out pictures of Living or Nonliving things to put on their, Living and Nonliving Chart! Making sure to remember what a living and a nonliving thing looks like and what it does, or does not do! (As you can tell everyone was very serious.) 🙂

IMG_3846                                     IMG_3847


IMG_3849                                     IMG_3852

IMG_3850                                     IMG_3851

     Once all of the pictures were ready for the chart, the students wrote out the words Living and Nonliving on their paper.  Then glued all of their pictures into the correct spot on the chart!                                     Hard work was done by everyone!! 🙂


IMG_3870                                     IMG_3871

IMG_3873                                     IMG_3874

IMG_3875                                     IMG_3876

IMG_3877                                     IMG_3879

IMG_3880                                     IMG_3881


     Everyone gets upset when we are not able to go outside and play, because of the weather! Instead we simply do indoor activities, like our “go noodle” fitness! (Parents please check out this free kid friendly site. It has goals and fun incentives, for the little ones to work towards. Plus, it has super fun songs to dance along with. http://gonoodle.com) 🙂


     Since Spring has sprung, we decided to grow our own parsley!!! Everyone enjoyed filling their cup up with dirt, planting the seeds in the cup, and finally watering the parsley seeds!                                       (Check back for updates on our seeds!) 🙂

IMG_3886                                     IMG_3887

IMG_3888                                     IMG_3889

IMG_3890                                     IMG_3891

IMG_3892                                     IMG_3893

IMG_3894                                     IMG_3895

IMG_3896                                     IMG_3897

IMG_3898                                     IMG_3900

IMG_3901                                     IMG_3902


IMG_3950                                     IMG_3951

IMG_3952                                     IMG_3953

IMG_3954                                     IMG_3955

IMG_3956                                     IMG_3957


IMG_3907                                     IMG_3908

IMG_3909                                     IMG_3910




     Center time is where everyone’s creativity comes alive! Learning through play is FUN! 🙂


     Music with Ms. Zina always has everyone laughing and being silly, while singing at the top of their lungs!!! 🙂


We had a fabulous Mystery Reader session from Brennan’s mom! She read two books Curious George: Feeds the Animals and The Boy who Cried Ninja!! All of the students absolutely loved The Boy who Cried Ninja! Thank you Brennan’s mom, for sharing with us some of your families favorite children’s stories! 🙂


      For our Share Chair session we had our Letter of the Week, which was “Qq.” He brought in a quarter, a homemade quilt, a picture of someone being quick, a duck that went quack, a signed that said “quiet,” a small queen, and a quail! Wonderful job sharing all of the great items that start with the letter “Qq.” 🙂


     Since we are growing parsley in little cups, we decided to continue our “gardening.”  We had the students count out six beans and wrap them in a wet paper towel, to grow in a plastic ziploc bag!       (Stay tuned for pictures of their growth!) 🙂

IMG_3920                                     IMG_3921

IMG_3922                                     IMG_3923



     We have been busy little bees practicing for our VPK Model Seder on Tuesday, April 8th @ 10:30. We can’t wait to see you there! 🙂

IMG_3856                                     IMG_3857




Inside the Classroom Info:

Letter of the Week: Gg (Liam will be sharing with us this Thursday, all about the letter Gg.)

Ema & Aba: Jayden & Julianna

Jump, Frog, Jump! is our read aloud book from March 31st – April 11th.

*Parents our word wall words are: basket, fly, frog, snake, and turtle.  Please discuss with your child what letter each word starts with and what sound does it make.*

Few tidbits:

1. If you would like to be a Mystery Reader, please come see me or email me to sign up for a slot.  All surprise readings take place on Thursdays at 10:00 a.m. (We currently have May 1st, May 8th, and May 22nd available.  If you haven’t had an opportunity this year and are not able to make the Thursdays at 10:00, then please email me and we will work together to make it happen!)

2.VPK Model Seder on Tuesday, April 8th @ 10:30.

3. Last day of school before Spring Break is Friday, April 11th.

4. Spring Break is from Saturday, April 12th – Tuesday, April 22nd.  School resumes on Wednesday, April 23rd.

5. Field Trip to Diamond D (hayrides, petting animals, nature walk and lots of other fun activities) the week of May 5th. Mark your calendars! More information to come! :)

6. Memorial DayNo School on Monday, May 26th!

7. Please check folders daily to make sure, that you are aware of all events and other information that is happening in VPK.

Please email me anytime, if you have any questions, concerns, etc. (aroden@dubowpreschool.org)

VPK Rocks!

Thank you everyone for ALL that you do,

Ms. Ashley & Ms. Robin 🙂