Wow where has the week gone?

First I would like to congratulate Brennan’s family on the birth of their beautiful daughter. Brennan was so excited all week in anticipation of becoming a big brother.

We had an action packed week which included hiding apples in our room and giving clues to our classmates to find them, clothespin name match, counting how many letters in our name, learning the spelling of our friends names, apple bean bag toss, and lots of cutting from magazines to improve our skills.

Next week is a short one and I need your help to prepare your child for an assessment. Please have your child well rested and eating a healthy breakfast. I will be taking each child out of the classroom for the VPK assessment. A substitute teacher will help Ms.Robin at this time. The assessment will help us prepare lessons for each child to increase their skills throughout the year.

Next week we will be learning more about Rosh Hashanah and getting ready for the holidays.

Have a wonderful long weekend,

Ms. Donna & Ms. Robin