This week has been packed with adventure.

On Monday we visited the Discovery Studio, where the children love to freely explore. They enjoyed playing with Ms. Amanda’s gem matching game and her viewfinders. There are always new and interesting activities in the science room!



Ms. Robin worked one on one with the students to create the etrog and the branch of the lulav for Sukkot, and they look great. The children are very creative and love to express themselves during every opportunity presented by the holidays. We enjoyed seeing the before and after of the school Sukkahs, which were decorated by all students in the preschool, as well as the dayschool. In Jewish Studies, Morah Rachel sang songs with the children and we shook the branches of the lulav.





We have begun reading small sight words in class, such as pig, kid, cat, pip, etc. I like to use an iPad app called Bob Books, which stems from their book line of the same name.

Painting is a popular activity that accomplishes a few things: The children that normally gravitate towards creating art can learn new problem-solving challenges, and those who don’t prefer art making can come out of their comfort zones to try something new. Below are pictures of the children free painting by mixing primary colors to achieve new colors, while enjoying a quiet atmosphere. We are also working on some sand art projects for Simchat Torah.

IMG_0596 IMG_0599IMG_0598

More photos next week!

Don’t forget to bring your child’s car seat/booster seat with their name on it for Monday’s Sukkah Hop field trip! Thanks so much for those of you who can drive.